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Dirty tiles are an eye-sore and a challenge to the proud homeowners we claim to be all the time. Cleaning grungy tiles is in no way an easy task unless you know how to do it. We have to be extremely careful about the substances we use to ensure that they don’t get damaged as abrasive cleaners, in particular, can harm the grout and tile surfaces.

Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS says that the acceptable limit of total dissolved solids or TDS in potable water is 500 milligrams per liter. With the rapid depletion of groundwater, contamination of surface water, and the infrastructural gaps in delivering safe water, tap water available to most of India is not considered potable. Most Indian homes have installed a point-of-use device for purifying water in their home to counterbalance the unavailability of safe potable water.

Small indoor or outdoor plants that are grown on a fixed wall or a freestanding vertical structure is known as a vertical garden or a living wall. Studies show that by 2050, almost 80 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban centers. As cities have become more crowded and we depend a lot more on apartment living already, most of us don’t have access to garden space or just any greenery in this urban jungle.

Sometimes we just walk into a room and the walls just seem bland. Even with all the components of a complete design are present - color scheme, furniture, decor items, - but something seems to be missing from the room. If this feels familiar to you, we have the solution for you: texture.

India and its architectural designs are famous for its decadent design and the love for intensive kaleidoscopic colors. But recently, Indian designers have gotten on the minimalistic bandwagon along with the rest of the world.

Halloween parties or just horror-themed parties are almost always a hit. It is filled with fun and excitement, and kids and adults love the parties alike. On this horror night, have an amazingly wicked time with a horror party.

In the concrete jungles of our cities, we’re always looking for spots of green. With the constant increase in the cost of vegetables and the decreasing quality of the same, it’s no wonder that there’s been a dramatic rise of people growing their own terrace gardens. For some, it is just a hobby to pass their time while for others, it is about going organic and ensuring they have only safe and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Waterproof paints for walls had a certain bad reputation in the past because they used to be ineffective and contained a high concentration of volatile organic compounds. With the recent advances in technology, waterproof paints have become substantially more effective and environment-friendly.