Our 10 Most Favorite Clever TV Placement Ideas

Whether you love it or hate it, TVs in our homes are actually a part of the furniture. Apart from the whole debate about the advantages and disadvantages of TVs in our homes, where to place TVs in our homes are also a topic of discussion. While some people like it as the focal point of their homes, some others want it to be completely hidden, or like me, you want it to be discreetly placed so that it is there but doesn’t draw too much attention. 

So, we at HomeTriangle decided to compile the best TV placement ideas no matter what your choices are. Here’s HomeTriangle’s list of our favorite clever TV placement ideas. 

1. The TV in this living room is positioned right in front of the sofas. The whole layout is comfy enough for long hours of television viewing and to spend quality time with your loved ones. 

2. In the layout below, the TV that is hung on the wall at the end of a long room is accessible while keeping it out of the way. The chairs can be moved around for viewing or to partake in the conversation.

3. In the layout below, the TV is installed on a partition between the living area and the kitchen. The whole sleek and minimalist approach really speaks boundaries. 

4. The rotating or swiveling unit allows for viewing in more than one room easily. If you have a partition wall, this another brilliant idea to make the most of it. 

5. The layout below has a subtle and non-dominating TV presence in the living rooms where the TV is installed in a corner. You can watch the TV comfortably and yet ignore it when you want to have a meaningful conversation. 

6. The layout below has a beautiful customized TV unit that also acts as a partition between the dining and living areas. 

7. The low slanting ceiling creates an awkward nook for decoration, but a perfect spot for the television.

8. A recessed TV unit like this almost looks like wall art, doesn’t it? It can tilt up and down for the convenience of viewing.

9. Here, the TV is tucked away inside a cabinet of the bar unit next to the kitchen for quick, easy viewing.

10. Seamlessly fitted within the wall, this television easily blends in with the wall and the whole living room. 

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