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Read our comprehensive guide on the top 8 Air Conditioners of India in 2021 with their standout specifications for you to ultimately decide whether or not to purchase.

8 Best Air Conditioners In India - 2021

With the current rise in temperature every year, life without an AC in most Indian cities is becoming unbearable. With summer already knocking on our doors, and considering the past temperature records, you can expect daily average temperatures from 30 - 46 degrees in different parts of the country. An air conditioner is a huge investment and to make it worthwhile, the smart approach is to get the best air conditioner on the market.


However, choosing the best AC for your home by filtering the different options based on various configurations, features, and your budget is not easy. Read HomeTriangle’s comprehensive guide on the top 8 ACs in India in 2021 with their standout specifications. 

energy efficient

1. LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter AC (LS-Q18YNZA)

to rated

LG is one of the premier Indian brands that has captured the Indian consumer-durable market like no other brand and it makes some of the best ACs in India right now. The highlight of the LG LS-Q18YNZA air conditioner is its featured dual inverter system. Improper cooling and noise production are effectively eliminated with the help of it. This ensures not just an air conditioner that works faster but one that works quietly and efficiently. LG also offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor and condenser. 

inverter technology

Additional Features

  • Mosquito Away Technology equipped with this AC ensures efficient cooling while keeping the mosquitoes at bay. This is achieved using a technology known as TUV Nord, which uses ultrasound waves to repel mosquitoes by reducing their ability to sense carbon dioxide. 
  • This also comes with Himalayan cooling technology that cools your room at least 28% while saving up to 26% of energy. The monsoon comfort feature in this AC helps controls air movement, humidity, and room temperature inside the room to provide better cooling while saving energy. 
  • The Plasmaster Ionizer feature sterilizes the air and eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria in the air to improve the quality of indoor air.
  • The Ocean Black Fin technology in this AC can protect against the worst weather conditions as the gold fin condenser shields the surface of the heat exchanger from external wear and corrosion. This safeguards the extended lifespan of this AC. 

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2. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC (CAI18EK5R39F0)

Split AC

Carrier is another international brand manufacturing high-quality performance ACs. This AC comes with exciting features that make this AC qualify as one of the best 1.5ton split ACs in India including Flexi-Cool Hybrid Jet Technology and four different operating modes, i.e. the free-running mode, 100%, 75%, and 50%. These modes help control the energy consumption of the AC. 

window AC

This AC is capable of working even if the external temperature is 55 Centigrade. You can operate it without any interruption even at voltages as low as 195V with the help of the built-in stabilizer. It can work at room temperatures as high as 48 degrees comfortably between 150V and 280V. Carrier ACs always had sleek and modern designs. 

Additional Features

  • The sensors identify the external temperature select the mode according. For example, it selects the free-running mode when it is sweltering outside. 
  • The operating mode switches to 100% when the temperature is hot and as it becomes fairly warm, it switches to 75% mode. 
  • It starts operating on 50% mode when the temperature becomes comfortable, thereby saving electricity in the bargain. 

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3. LG 1.5 Ton, 5-Star Dual Inverter, Split AC (KS-Q18HNZD)

portable AC

This 5-star AC from LG is one of the best ACs in India today and is a perfect fit for your bedrooms, not just because it is economical, but also because of its excellent performance and power-saving features. The Dual Cool Technology ensures that a lot of energy is saved while cooling your room in double-quick time. 

Air purification

The copper coils with the Ocean Black Protection feature make this AC perfect for Indian conditions as the vast coastline in India means a high percentage of ozone in the air. 

Additional Features

  • The Gold Fin condenser is capable of withstanding ozonized air, rain, dust, and other corrosive elements. 
  • The maximum cooling score of 5 that comes with LG air conditioners ensures that the AC cools the room’s high ambient temperatures. Plus, the R32 refrigerant used in this AC is very environmentally friendly. 
  • High-grooved copper tubes present in this AC enable better oscillatory movement and increases its durability. Also, this model saves energy up to 57% with its Active Energy Control Feature which reduces power consumption by around 40% - 80%
  • The low refrigerant detection feature that’s built-in this AC lets you know when you’re running low on gas. The monsoon comfort technology ensures a high level of comfort inside even when it’s raining outside. 

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4. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC (FTKG50TV)

stabilizer free operation

Daikin is undoubtedly one of the best air conditioner manufacturers in India today. The after-sales service they provide is excellent and besides, their AC comes with some of the best features. The New Swing Compressor technology in the Daikin AC ensures smooth rotation with minimum friction and vibration. Hence, this AC is one of the most silent in the market. 

Btu rating

The Econo Mode or the Power Saving Mode in this AC is useful as it limits the maximum power consumption. It also comes with an in-built stabilizer which helps it handle tremendous range or input voltage fluctuations. 

Additional Features 

  • It has a 5-star energy rating because of its excellent power savings. It proves its utility when you have other electrical devices connected to a shared electrical circuit. 
  • The Power Chill feature of this Daikin AC ensures that the room cools quickly enough regardless of the room temperature. 
  • One of the highlights of the Daikin AC is the quiet operation of the indoor unit. It ensures to optimize the speed of the airflow according to the noise level, thereby resulting in providing uninterrupted comfort.

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5. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC (RSB518HBEAZ)


Hitachi is one of the topmost AC manufacturers in the world. This model comes with some excellent features like the presence of the wide-angle deflector wave blade that helps remove the bad odor from the evaporator by maintaining the dryness of the coil, thereby ensuring better performance. 


The powerful inverter compressor is excellent at saving electricity and perform almost entirely silently. The R310A refrigerant used in this AC is very environmentally-friendly and is one of the best refrigerants available today. Even after the additional expenses, this Hitachi model is the best AC in India under ? 40,000 according to our experts. 

Additional Features

  • The copper condenser coil present in this model ensures better dissipation of heat and as copper doesn’t rust, it reduces the maintenance cost significantly. 
  • The split AC comes with an innovative design with an expandable wide-angle deflector to ensure the maximum delivery of cold air to all parts of the room.
  • The in-built stabilizer function is capable of withstanding high voltage fluctuations

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6. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC (NU18WKYW)

Noise level

Another domestic producer of ACs in the Indian market, Pansonic makes ACs that are ideal for Indian conditions. This particular model comes with the advantage of the inverter compressor that operates at variable speeds depending on the requirements, thus saving a lot of power. The highlight is that this AC has a power-adjusting feature that regulates the power consumption depending on the heat load. 

Remote control

This AC is also equipped with a PM2.5 filter that is excellent at purifying the air indoors. The in-built stabilizer takes care of extreme voltage fluctuations. This air conditioner uses the extremely environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant gas. 

Additional Features 

  • The AC has a capacity of 1.5 tons, ideal for a medium-sized room of around 150 square feet. With an annual energy consumption figure of 840.75kWh, this AC has an ISEER value of 4.7 and a 5-star rating from BEE.
  • Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. Thus, copper condenser coils are the best when it comes to delivering a power-packed cooling performance. Copper coils do not rust, and hence they are easy to maintain.
  • This AC comes equipped with a Wi-Fi mode for quick cooling. The twin-cool inverter not only ensures high-quality cooling but also ensures to make as low noise as possible. Thus, this AC ranks as the best AC in India when it comes to providing comfort.
  • The powerful compressor is capable of excellent cooling performance even when the temperature outside is 52 degrees Centigrade.

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7. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC (183VCZJ) 


Voltas is one of the earliest manufacturers of AC units in India. Voltas make the best ACs for every condition that comes with all the features necessary for delivering high-quality performance with the help of years of experience like the DC inverter technology that reduces the power consumption to the minimum by maintaining an ideal temperature without switching off the compressor. 


This AC can keep you comfortable even when the temperature outside exceeds 52 degrees Centigrade with the help of the high-ambient cooling feature that it comes with. The 4-way auto louvers ensure the delivery of fresh air uniformly across the room and the Steady Cool Compressor optimizes Power consumption while ensuring the ideal room temperature maintenance. 

Additional Features

  • The stabilize-free operation of the AC empowers it to withstand massive voltage fluctuations common in many parts of India. 
  • The copper condenser coils present in the AC increases the durability of the AC while delivering a highly efficient cooling performance. The Active Dehumidifier controls the indoor humidity levels, especially in the monsoon months. 
  • The R32 refrigerant used in the AC makes it environmentally-friendly. The unit also comes with high-quality filters to provide advanced air purification by eliminating harmful odors and other pollutants. 
  • One of the highlights of this AC is the low-frequency torque control that provides constant temperature and saves energy. The multi-stage filtration process removes dust and pollutants to allow the pure air to circulate inside the room.

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8. Whirlpool 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC (MAGICOOL PRO 55)

Easy maintenance

We know how good Whirlpool is with washing machines, and it’s no wonder why the ACs they manufacture are so good. This particular unit comes with 6th Sense FastCool Technology to ensure quick and uniform cooling in the room. The built-in stabilizer can withstand voltage fluctuations in the range of 145-290 volts. 

Sleek design

This AC from whirlpool also has a self-diagnosis feature that detects errors and displays them on the temperature panel making it easier to carry out repairs. Another handy feature is the sleep function which allows the user to set a time for the AC to adjust to your sleeping conditions. 

Additional Features

  • Intellisense Inverter technology adjusts to your cooling requirements while reducing electricity usage, thereby keeping the power consumption low.
  • This compressor works on the Magicool technology to cool the rooms even if the temperature outside touches 55 degrees Centigrade.
  • This AC also features an advanced MPFI technology with its innovative fusion of the small circuitry and capillary design to provide instant cooling.
  • The Multi-Port Fluid Injection (MPFI) technology makes use of a unique 4X4 evaporator circuitry design to ensure rapid heat exchange.

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The 8 Best Air Conditioners In India - 2021

Read our comprehensive guide on the top 8 Air Conditioners of India in 2021 with their standout specifications for you to ultimately decide whether or not to purchase.

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