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Kitchen gardening seems easy enough when you think about it. Get a few seeds and saplings, pots, a bag of garden soil from the nursery and fill the pots with soil, sow the seeds or plant the saplings and just place them on the balcony or windowsills.

Diwali, Divali, or Deepavali is the most awaited festival for all of us. The kind of joy and excitement Diwali brings is unparalleled and people of all ages and backgrounds all around India find themselves waiting eagerly for the celebration of this 5-day festival every year.

Dirty tiles are an eye-sore and a challenge to the proud homeowners we claim to be all the time. Cleaning grungy tiles is in no way an easy task unless you know how to do it. We have to be extremely careful about the substances we use to ensure that they don’t get damaged as abrasive cleaners, in particular, can harm the grout and tile surfaces.