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Architectural designs have evolved a lot in the last decade. More and more people are opting for open houses that let in a lot of light. Read the blog to know more

Wall partitions became a trend in the last couple of years in India due to their practicality and contemporary appeal. People use wall partitions to show their charismatic personalities to the world. Whether you have a big open house or just want to create more private, cozy spaces in your homes, choosing the right room divider makes the whole difference. Be it bold and creative or neutral and modern, your possibilities are endless. So we at HomeTriangle have come up with a list of ideas to spark that creativity and help you choose the right wall divider for you.

1. An Elegant Wall

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2. Creepers

Ever wanted to fuse the indoors with the great outdoors? A wall partition with creepers is just the way to do that. This is literally low maintenance and gives that great feeling when coming back home from a hectic day at the office. But we wouldn’t recommend this set up for the bedroom though. It is a great idea for living rooms.

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3. Mirrors and Glass

The biggest challenge while adding partitions, especially for smaller homes is that the more walls you add, the chopped up and closed in it feels. The glass and mirrors approach solves that issue making your home feel much larger than it actually is. No doubt that it’s a unique approach and we absolutely love it.

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4. Shelf Partition

Another brilliant idea for a divider, open shelf partitions provide both storage and partitioning - practical and elegant, just the way we like it. A shelf partition divides the space without compromising visual access and keeps the feeling of open space. This doubles up as a visible spot for your decorative items without hindering the flow of light and air.

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5. Wall Carvings

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This beautiful laser-cut wooden partition from Homify is another one of our favorites. This brings out that luxurious look to the room that is equally elegant, modern, and creative. The partition acts as a support for the sofa while tucking away the living area from the rest of the home. Again, practical and elegant.

6. Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors are another great option to use as wall partitions that are simple yet practical. They can be opened to promote airflow and space but can easily be closed off for privacy. And if it is reclaimed wood, it will be cheap and durable

7. Wooden Slats

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We love wooden slats as a wall partition because of the practicality and the ease of installation and uninstallation. Wooden slats are a great way to partition any stairs in a simple and elegant way. Basically inspired by Japanese designs, these are a great option for wall partitioners.

8. Go Artistic

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Nobody said that a wall partitioner had to be boring. Go crazy creative with your ideas. This beautiful contrasty snowflakes design is proof that you can have a very creative idea no matter how crazy it might seem. Like we said in the beginning, wall partitions are a great way to show who you are as a person to the whole world. 



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