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The popularity of solar water heaters has increased in the last few years; mainly because it is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient ways to heat up water.

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The popularity of solar water heaters has exponentially increased in the last few years; mainly because it is one of the most eco-friendly and efficient ways to heat up water for our homes. Since these use solar energy instead of conventional electricity or LPG to heat water, they reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emitted and reduces the carbon footprint of your homes. Independent houses with a private open-to-sky terrace are highly suited for using solar water heaters. Even bigger apartment complexes can use a single with adequate capacity to supply hot water to a group of homes or apartments simultaneously. 

Types of Solar Water Heaters -

There are 2 types of solar water heaters; Active and Passive

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Maintenance  - 

1. Scaling

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The buildup or scaling of mineral (calcium) deposits in a solar water heating system due to the high mineral content found in domestic water or hard water can be avoided by using water softeners or by circulating a mildly acidic solution (like vinegar) through the collector or domestic hot water loop every 3-5 years, or as necessary depending on water conditions. 

2. Corrosion

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Any iron or steel components in an open-loop hydronic solar system are susceptible to corrosion. Such systems should have copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, plastic, rubber components in the plumbing loop, and plastic or glass-lined storage tanks.

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater

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  • You can expect to save from 50 to 80 percent on the cost of heating water, regardless of the type of solar water heater. 
  • Even though a solar heater is more expensive than a conventional water heater initially, the efficiency of these pays for itself over time all the while you produce your own hot water with clean and sustainable power. 
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  • Passive solar water heating systems produce and deliver water to your household even during power outages making it independent of the city power. 
We hope you got a clearer understanding of how beneficial a solar water heater can be for your homes. For more such articles follow our blogs.



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