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Getting rid of germs and viruses is necessary no matter how hard it is to do it. The outbreak of COVID-19 set us into a situation unheard of before and most of us were not prepared for the same situation.

Getting rid of germs and viruses is necessary no matter how hard it is to do it. The outbreak of COVID-19 set us into a situation unheard of before and most of us were not prepared for the same situation. Even after almost a year, the long-reaching effects of the deadly virus continue to alter the ways of everyday business. Sanitizing and disinfecting our homes and offices have become pivotal to counter the new norm to better our chances of survival, both physically and financially. 


As we pay more attention to who we come in contact with and what we touch, it's also imperative to understand the importance of disinfection in our homes and offices. Every time we touch something when we're out getting essentials such as food or medical supplies, we pick up germs left by others. Since people who contract the virus may not show any symptoms for days, they could be unintentionally spreading the virus to every surface they touch and place they visit. 


Professional home sanitizing services and office sanitization services are the best way to quickly and effectively get our homes and offices germs and virus free. A clean and safe environment is what we want for our families and ourselves. With professional sanitization services, you can ensure the safety of your homes and offices. 

1. Home Sanitization Service 

The first thing we need to understand is that cleaning your home is very much different than disinfecting it. In Layman's terms, disinfecting kills the germs on any given surface whereas cleaning removes them from said surface. At this given point, cleaning the house daily is simply not enough to prevent the transmission of viruses. At this stage, to prevent the infection, sanitization along with few precautions for maintaining basic hygiene is very important. 
To get a clearer understanding of how to clean and disinfect your house yourself, you can read How to avoid the flu: Disinfect your house to kill the flu virus

Even though there are a ton of articles about disinfecting our homes online, the harsh truth is that us commoners don’t know how to do it properly. Getting a professional sanitization service is so important, especially if someone in your household has fallen ill, is because we don’t do a good enough job of getting rid of the viruses. 

2. Office Disinfection Service

As COVID-19 transmits through lung mucous particles, whenever a person coughs or breathes, those particles fill the air and land on everything around them. So it is very important to sanitize the surfaces before and after your staff or customers touch any surface that could have been contaminated. When sanitizing surfaces, you must sanitize the vertical edge of each counter or table and not just the top of surfaces.

Well, with HomeTriangle sanitization and disinfection services, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can have professional sanitizing agents who are highly trained and experienced do this for you. You can do so either by logging on to our website or calling us at 7676 000 100. 



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