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Choosing the best AC for your home by filtering the different options based on various configurations, features, and your budget is not easy. Read HomeTriangle’s comprehensive guide on the top 8 ACs in India in 2021 with their standout specifications

With outdoor pollution reaching alarming rates, its time people understood that air pollution indoors is also a big health concern in all major Indian cities. Elements like smoke, chemicals, and other biological and chemical pollutants like living organisms, allergens, and VOCs can make the air inside our homes toxic. The unfortunate truth is that these pollutants and allergens are present in almost every household no matter how spotless it looks.

No matter if you think an AC is a luxury or necessity, the chances are you’re finding it harder and harder to live without one considering our current climate and air quality. Before you buy an air conditioner for your home, there are a few factors that you have to contemplate like your budget, the number, size, and type of rooms to be cooled, and whether it is for your own home or a rented apartment.

Let’s face the truth, nobody loves to clean. No matter how much of an OCD you have, you don’t like to clean your home, but you like your home when it’s cleaned. So, whether you’re planning to remodel or designing your dream home, you should think about designing it in a way that can minimize your cleaning time. Your choices in layout, finishes, and furnishings will have an enormous impact on the amount of time you spend cleaning.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation or building a new home, the odds are you’ve heard about the kitchen work triangle. The idea of the kitchen work triangle has been around since the 1940s and is the best way to set up a kitchen to save time and energy according to designers. A kitchen work triangle connects the sink, the range, and the refrigerator, the three main work areas in the kitchen.

People don’t like cleaning bathrooms. You don’t have to be ashamed of it. We understand that you certainly have better things to with your time. And when you don’t have a housekeeper and you have to do the cleaning yourself, the design choices can make a huge impact when it comes to everyday cleaning. So, HomeTriangle came up with a few strategies that can help you get not only a bathroom that looks and feels like a dream but makes cleaning it as easy as possible.

The art of making a space giggly functional and comfortable to use at the same time by arranging the furniture layout, designing the lighting scheme, and other aspects of the room is called ergonomics. An ergonomically designed bedroom should be efficient in fulfilling the necessities of the person, preventing unnecessary body movements, should have a clutter-free layout, and be restful. Here’s HomeTriangle’s guide on how to achieve an ergonomic bedroom.