Daphne: Interior Design Ideas for A 4BHK Sea-Paradise Home

Daphne Isn't just a name of an oceanic creature but also a beautiful essence of a sea that offers living passionately.

Daphne: Interior Design Ideas for A 4BHK Sea-Paradise Home

Know about Ashish and Shweta's pretty home

Mr Ashish and Mrs Shweta Singh’s Daphne is a 4BHK apartment situated in Brigade Cosmopolis, Whitefield, Bengaluru. A Moroccan-styled grand collection of colours and ideas in one place. The project is perfectly executed by Soumita Roy from Bonito Designs. The name of the house is derived from an ocean creature called, Daphne that symbolizes strength and power, an absolute representation of the owner’s personality.

Foyer Design idea

At the entrance of the house is a beautiful foyer consisting of minimal accessories like a grunge style shoe rack, a floral printed mini stool and a wooden key holder. The beauty of this area lies in the diamond pattern tissue roller shades that open up into the balcony.

Living room Interior Design

The foyer opens in a long living room divided into two sections. The first one leads into a beautiful living room. It offers the freshness of the sea with its turquoise blue, white, beige and light grey color palette. The self pattern rug with a beige chest coffee table adds to the theme with wave pattern curtains waving like an ocean.

Drawing room Interior Design

The second is a cozy drawing-room. It offers great comfort as it has ample seating with an open puja unit uniquely designed through a Moroccan featured, hand-painted, feather panel. It has patterned tiles, stand-alone mural walls, a teal wall embedded with crockery plates and semi-open storage cabinets that are contributing to being the room's heroes. A perfect space for video games and binge watch all favorite series and movies.

Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

Have you imagined how Sponge Bob felt like, to have a dining space on a sea bed, deep inside the blues of the ocean? A perfect beach vibe is yet again seen in the dining area of the house with a combination of white, teal and wood shade palette. The most attractive part of the area is the ceramic plate wall decor, which precisely offers a boost for appetite. The balance of white crockery cabinet with refreshing colors of crockery highlights the theme marvelously here.

Modular Kitchen Interior Design

The Modular kitchen of the house is the most appealing and soothing area with sky blue kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter-tops. The black and white wallpaper has fine preciseness and an instant urge to cook.  Other elements such as the chimney and the deep-water sink are rightly according to the owner’s passionate demand for ease in cooking.

Kid's Room Interior Design

The Kids Room is again a simple yet colorful and vibrant theme of the sea. The soothing cupboard door wall print and a double bed for the owner’s two kids are perfectly aligned with a playful study and toys cabinet attached to the wall. The wooden floor gives the room compact and playful feel at the same time.

Bedroom Interior Design Aqua color

The guest room perfectly embodies beach vibes with aqua-colored walls with white home furniture. Just like the kid’s room the floor is wooden that reflects the color of the room magnificently. The curtains are faded printed pale shades that let the natural light shine around the room. The picture frames and the plants complement the room amazingly with the palette.

Master Bedroom Interior Design Luxury Look


Lastly, the Master bedroom does not only takes you deep into an oceanic ride but to a royal signature room. The master bedroom has a wide king-size bed with a wide height headboard, with a turquoise blue solo wall behind. The room furniture specifically, compliments the theme of luxury and comfort together. The blue chest footrest is ‘a key element’ in the room with its luxurious and vintage look. Beautiful hanging yellow task lights illuminates the light to create a comfortable mood. Lastly, the curtains give color texture and sophisticated compact space for the owners.

Just like a pearl that beautifies an oyster with preciousness, this home is set apart through the people who own it, who have designed it and the blue shades that unravel themselves in their journey throughout this sea-licious home. The owner's smart, stylish and modern characteristics vibe with the classy, spacious and smooth details of its interiors.

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