A Fine Dining Experience - Dining Room Decor

Update your mundane dining area with unusual ideas to achieve a dazzling effect. Dining rooms are the spot for your family to eat, catch up on their day and socialize. Refurnish or up-style a boring dining room and surprise your friends and family over a homemade meal!

Color All The Way

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Bright chairs add a color pop to a white kitchen cum dining area 

Colors are the best way to bring cheer to the table besides hot food! Paint or upholster your chairs in funky colors and swap boring upholstery for lively patterns to add fun to supper time!

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Create the same colorful look with upholstery 

Hanging Table top

Ditch old school table legs and suspend your tabletop from the ceiling with sturdy cables, poles or ropes to keep it stable. Serve food in bright tableware to add a color pop to this innovative idea.

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An unusual bamboo raft tabletop suspended from the ceiling

Elegant Accessory

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Tableware as a backdrop for candlesticks and flowers on the tabletop

Nothing beats the old school classic look updated for a contemporary feel. Decorate the table with candlesticks, flowers and a suspended chandelier as a centerpiece! Match tablecloths and runners to chair upholstery and dress up the tabletop with accents and accessories to match your decor theme. Wall decor using antique tableware or ladles can be used to create an interesting focal point.

Ornately Ethnic

A little ostentatious display of taste with a tribal, Indian or Moroccan theme can make for a regal dining experience, straight out of a palace! Choose an ornate table of wood or marble with intricately carved chairs for a 'wow' factor, and accessorize with brass candlesticks and lamps for a regal ambience.

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An ornately decorated dining room

Statement Pieces

Use sight lines creatively as well as paying attention to the height at which things are hung/suspended to create visual texture using statement pieces. The asymmetrical pattern of the light orbs with conspicuous wall art as a backdrop defines the room’s character while the earthy hues of colors accentuate overall decor perfectly.

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Draw the eye with creative accents like light fixtures and wall art 

Clever Cover

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Elegant formal striped slip covers on dining chairs

Change the entire look of your dining room by tailoring fitted slip covers for dining chairs. Slip covers are removable, so you can have multiple sets for formal and informal use. They are also a great way to protect your dining chairs from spills and stains.

Light-Up Mealtimes

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 A cosy breakfast nook for relaxed mealtimes

An intimate dining nook right next to large windows with airy curtains and bright upholstery is a perfect 'pick-me-up' spot, ideal for breakfasts and relaxed dinners. Colorfully patterned, oversized cushions can be strewn around for comfort.

 Outdoor Diner Article Image

Eat your meals outdoors in the lap of nature

 Nothing is better than sharing an al fresco meal with friends and family by the soft glow of candle light and natural breeze for air conditioning? Create an intimate dining space in your back garden or balcony for a natural experience!

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A growing green tabletop!

 An unusual tabletop can be a conversation piece in a dining space. Think out of the box and you never know what you can convert into a dining table. You may have an old door frame or a vintage mirror lying around? Attach four legs and voila! it's an innovative dining table! If you have a green thumb, grow a table top! All you need is a deep frame, some soil and a little daily watering for a natural grass topped table. No need to worry about spilled glasses of water anymore!

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A door is used as a tabletop for an al fresco dining table

  With these innovative new ideas it will be more than enjoyable to catch up with everyone in your dazzling dining space!



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