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We asked the web to share these super awesome, super cutesy wall art and ideas to drool over that will make your kid's room a dream. Look, love, share and buy today!

The days of not having access to easy to do, fun and colorful kids decor are way in the past! We trolled the web to share these super awesome, super cutesy wall art/ wall sticker ideas to drool over that will make decorating your kids room a dream and your tot is going to adore the wall art and you!

Look, love, share and buy today!

Make Friends 

Let your child make friends with all manner of animals from the giraffe under the tree to the little squirrel on top, this wall sticker will transport your child to a playful forest!

Article Image
A forest scene wall sticker
Image -Amazon.in

Monkey Business

A cheeky monkey is a great way to announce that the room belongs to a child! notice the plain white walls, imagine them without the wall sticker, the room would not even look like a child's. The wall sticker transforms the boring white wall instantly and costs very little! So no painting or renovating, when simple stick ons do the job!

Article Image
A cheeky monkey transforms a white wall!
Image -Amazon.in

Trip To The Zoo

If a trip to the zoo is your child's favorite outing, bring the zoo home with you! This wall sticker will let your child name their own pet zoo from the lion to the elephant, everyone is welcome!

Article Image
Bring the zoo home!
Image -Amazon.in

Alphabetical Order

Alphabet wall stickers can decorate the wall and be used as a teaching tool, to help your child learn to spell. Your child can also peel off the alphabets and start to spell words on the wall when old enough. This is a great way to help your child play around and do something educational and can be a fun activity for mommy , daddy and kiddo!

Article Image
Simply colorful alphabets dress up a wall
Image -Amazon.in

Fairytale Beginnings 

Make your little girls fairy tale come true with this wall sticker idea that places chariots and castles over her bed to let her dream away! Once upon a time, there lived a little girl in India...

Article Image
Living the fairytale life!
Image -Amazon.in

Ride A Chuk-Chuk

A train rides along a starry wall in a kid's room with rainbow, an air balloon and a bunch of hearts floating above! the plus point of choosing a wall sticker option with so many elements is that you can choose to place them as close or as far apart as you prefer, letting you cover large areas if you like, perfect for adding color and interest to large blank walls.

Article Image
A train makes its way across the wall over the bed in this kid's room
Image -Amazon.in

Birds Chirping

A nursery wall is dressed up with a colorful wall sticker of birdhouses and little birdies to attract the attention and entertain your baby as lying back in the pretty crib.

Article Image
Little birdies fly away!
Image -Amazon.in

Little Queen Bee

Pink flowers and hummingbirds with a butterfly or two are perfect for your eight year old daughter. Indulge her feminine side with this pretty floral design that can be placed many ways as shown below.

Article Image
Above and below- The same wall sticker set used two different ways
Images -Amazon.in

Article Image

Little Boys Playroom

Choose colors with a little boyish flair for your son's room. Blues and browns create stunning wall decor in this boyish playroom but are super cute and childish too!

Article Image
A blue and brown color combo wall sticker for a little boy's playroom
Image -Amazon.in

Wall stickers are a great, low budget way to dress up the perfect children's room. They are eco-friendly, and are mostly made of waterproof vinyl, that can be peeled off and re-applied without damaging your walls, your kid can have a super fun room and your pocket can get a little budget break!



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