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Here are 10 ideas that you can use to decorate a long room, which will definitely light up the room to experience a beautiful and calm vibe

These are ideas that you can use to decorate a long room, and they will definitely light up the room

Avenue Road Condominium

This idea incorporates the use of slimmer materials. They are longer than wider, hence this perfectly fits the room, because the room has the same features.

Belvedere’s Apartment

It is been designed by Eduardo Correa Arquitectura. It is simple yet sophisticated. It has used dark colors has its color palettes. It has also used slim materials but not compared to Avenue Road Condominium

A Modern Miami Home

The room act as a gateway to the outdoor. The reflection and the lighting are perfect and are a plus in the designs.

Family Home in Sea Cliff

It has used minimalism to complement the room. It is also symmetrical which complements the elegant design.

Lake Bluff Custom Residence

This is where traditional interior design has been modified to contemporary design. It has a cathedral ceiling design as well as a stone fireplace and chimney.

South Coogee

Recommended for rooms that are long as well as wide. It gives the feeling of the room being spacious. There are standout decors that are on the corners to complete the design.

Upper East Side Apartment

There is minimalism in this design, this makes the room feel like it is open. It also opens up to the beautiful scenic views on the windows.

W Residence Living Room

The color palette mixture of bold and dull colors pretty much complements the design. The Urbanspace Interiors used the Molteni and C freestyle Sectional, he uses the seats to be a datum as well as an open up. It is very flexible, there are many ways of reconfiguring the settings.

Village Farmhouse

The color palette is warm colors and definitely brighten up the room. It also has well down lighting which is a plus to the design.

Paddington Butterfly House

It is a unique design that many cannot comprehend. It has been used less to decorate the room.

Employ the above tips for perfect home decoration to ensure your home is a beautiful and calm place to be.

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10 Long Living Room Ideas

Here are 10 ideas that you can use to decorate a long room, which will definitely light up the room to experience a beautiful and calm vibe


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