Ten Things That Constantly Clutter Your Apartment

Regardless of how much we may try to make our apartments look great, the never end up looking like the ones that are in magazines. We always try to follow all of the latest and greatest design concepts, as well as sticking with one certain style and combining colors, yet the end result is never great.
Here are ten different things that seem to constantly clutter your apartment the most.

Refrigerator Magnets

These are objects that can prove to be quite useful at times; however, they can also make any kitchen appear extremely untidy. If you are someone who collects these, take the time to arrange a special place for them, such as either magnetic paint or a magnetic board of some sort.


These can be even worse than refrigerator magnets because of the simple fact that finding an appropriate place for them can be a rather difficult task. By finding one place for them, you will be able to make your souvenir collection look much nicer.

Dishwashing Liquids

Many designers have stated that no kitchen looks good if dishwashing liquid of any kind was in plain sight. On the other hand, products like these really need to be readily available to perform their required tasks. One useful tip to store these in your kitchen while making the space look great at the same time is to store the liquids themselves in reusable dispensers that are the same style and color as the space itself.

Items on an Ironing Board

  • Clothing
  • Hats
  • Clothes hangers

Items like this are typically stored on an ironing board at many different times rather than being placed in their proper locations. However, the best and most common sense thing to do with any ironing board is to put it away once you are finished using it.


Footwear Scattered in Hallways

It's no secret that oftentimes, we have to wear many different types of footwear depending on the outdoor weather conditions where we live. However, rather than just scattering them all over a hallway, which can create a serious safety hazard, it's highly recommended that you come up with a way to store them. This will help to keep your hallway clear and give you more space.

Multicolored Towels in Your Bathroom

Any towel that doesn't necessarily match the overall style of your bathroom can essentially ruin the general feel of the entire space. Rather than keeping towels of different colors in there, simply replace them with colors that do go with the style of the bathroom.

Sports Equipment

If you're someone who owns an exercise bike, yet haven't used it for quite a long time, then chances are you may actually never use it at all. By getting rid of it, you will definitely free up a lot more space in your apartment. However, if you like to train on a regular basis, you can keep dumbbells and other similar fitness equipment stored and organized in its own special area.

Bed Linen

If you have a bedroom that contains paintings that look like antiques, then it definitely wouldn't be a good idea to choose bed linens that have leopard prints on them. You essentially have two different solutions that you can go with. You can either replace unsuitable linens gradually or hide them with linens that are more suitable for your bedroom.

Kitchen Necessities

Many of your favorite herbs can be stored without having to use a lot of different cans and packages. The same thing can be said for many other kitchen necessities as well.

Children's Toys

Any parent can tell you that it's extremely hard to keep any room clean whenever you have children. However, this is something that is entirely possible to accomplish. If you have a children's room, place colored containers in it specifically for their toys. These are things that will help teach them to be more responsible and organized in the long run.

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