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Even though you may not have enough floor space, you can still create a great-looking vertical garden either indoors or outdoors.

If you are someone who lives in an apartment and enjoys gardening, chances are you may wish you had space for a garden of some sort. However, the good thing is that you likely have enough space, although you may not be looking in the right direction. Even though you may not have enough actual floor space, you can still create a great-looking vertical garden either indoors or outdoors.

vertical garden

Types of Vertical Gardens

Simply defined, a vertical garden is one that contains a series of containers that are arranged to fill any kind of a vertical space. This is something that can be done with either a vertical garden kit or anything similar in nature. It's also important to think about exactly how you want to organize everything, as long as the overall support structure is strong enough to prevent your vertical garden from falling over.

vertical garden
Additionally, you can also either purchase or make your own structure for climbing vines, which can be ideal for creating your own shade since your support can extend vertically as a form of canopy above your head. A garden arch is a great way to achieve this; however, you can also make your own support structure. Consult with your local nursery regarding what type of support is the best for the particular vines that you have.

What Can Be Grown in a Vertical Garden?

You can grow a different variety of plants in a vertical garden, such as the following:

  •  Flowers
  • Ferns
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Succulents
Indoor Vertical Gardens

There are two big concerns when it comes to growing an indoor vertical garden: sunlight and drainage. Plants are able to grow in artificial light; however, they will need to be on for at least 16 hours per day in order to provide enough light to allow them to grow. Some amount of sunlight should be able to strike the plants, and you can select plants that prefer either full shade or semi-shade. Even better is the fact that this kind of garden doesn't have to be situated against a wall. As long as you have some sort of a way to allow water to be caught, you can grow your vertical garden anywhere.

vertical garden
Regardless of where you choose to grow your vertical garden, this kind of thing is perfect for your apartment. Once you begin thinking about it, you will start to have your own innovative ideas that you can utilize. Not only will you grow to love your garden, but it will also freshen the air around you, as the garden will absorb all of the pollutants and release fresh air in exchange.



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