Design Lesson - Use Color To Your Advantage In A Small Home

Color is capable of transforming spaces in a mystical way. The right combo of color and technique can help create a myriad of stunning optical illusions that strongly influence how people perceive spaces and shapes. Such clever deception, makes small spaces seem bigger, adds depth to the interiors, and can even help recreate a favorite outdoor setting indoors for fabulous effect!
Interested in dabbling with color to spruce up your small home? Here are few basic guidelines to help you get creative and use color to your advantage.

Monochrome Opens Up Spaces

Make a statement with monchrome - accessorize suitably!
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Using a single color, preferably a pastel shade, throughout a small space is a tried and tested way to open up the place, primarily because it is difficult to perceive dimensions when the entire expanse is painted in one color. Going monochrome may seem dull at first, but with different shades and textures of the same color and a calculated pop of other colors in the form of decor accessories, accents or furniture pieces, can make the place more interesting. 

Cozy Dark Shades

A snug and cozy setting
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Do you think dark colors make spaces look smaller? You’re actually right, but the brighter side is that they are also useful in creating a cozy space even in a compact home. Dark colors can either cool down or add warmth to interiors. They tend to shut out external disturbances, enabling you to relax and enjoy your space much like a cocoon effect. Take your time to play around with color samples and use them to create the right ambiance. 

Glossy Finishes - Best of Both Worlds!

Gloss literally adds a sparkle to dark spaces
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Dark colors need to be handled with care as they can make spaces feel bleak, spooky and even stuffy. An overdose can make the place gaudy and overbearing. Are you an ardent fan of dark shades?  Here’s where you can take advantage of the paint’s finish. Glossy paint finishes reflect light, both natural and electric.
Experiment with dark shades, the finish and the lighting to arrive at the right combination to create the intended visual effect. With gloss, there’s no way a small place is going to look dull or scary.

Pure White Enhances

A vast white expanse -- soothing or empty?
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You can safely paint the interiors of a small home in White. Include other structural and decorative elements to break up an all white interior spaces which otherwise will most likely will remind you of a hospital and the monotony can prove quite unnerving.
All white interiors create a sense of continuity, blurring edges, and interfering quite successfully with perceived boundaries to pull off an illusion of vastness!

Surprise Accents / Textures / Patterns

The impressive focal wall commands attention
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Irrespective of the color scheme you wish to use for your small home, check out different options that can add an element of decorative surprise. For example, one brightly painted wall can be the focal point of any room; choose a wall with an external window to effortlessly bear this additional attention, without compromising the illusion of space.

Texture choices add visual relief to interiors
With a multitude of textures and patterns available, it makes sense to experiment with them. Use them of highlight a portion of a wall if not an entire one. Tap into your creative self and scout around for some inspirations before embarking on this project.

Experiment With Techniques

While techniques are best left to professionals, there’s no harm in getting to know a few simple tips that offer impressive results. Light colors tend to recede visually and darker ones advance, influencing the way in which we perceive depth and hence the spaciousness of a closed space.
The same color on opposite walls creates an sense of space
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A square room with opposite walls sporting the same color tends to look more spacious. The effect varies with the intensity of colors, which add depth to the place. The same effect can be achieved in a rectangular space, with longer walls painted in a lighter color and shorter walls in a dark color. 
Painting the lobby or entrance to a small home in dark colors and the living room in pastel shades also opens up the place when moving from the foyer into the living room.

Innovative ceiling treatment makes all the difference
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Different colored paint on the ceiling that extends a tad down the wall is also quite effective in adding depth.

Stripes definitely are not for everyone!
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Stripes or vertical patterns on walls, wall papers, accents, decals, or even curtains increase the height of a space.

Most us grew up looking at white ceilings and cream colored walls, the standard, somewhat economic choice of colors that even today adorn typical Indian homes. Now that you can experiment, there’s really no dearth of options! Do make sure to first experiment with paint samples before opting for a color and investing precious time and money. 

The process is bound to be fun and enjoyable, and we hope the results will be rewarding as well!

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