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Even with all the components of a design present, sometimes, something seems to be missing. If this is familiar, we have the solution for you: texture.

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Sometimes we just walk into a room and the walls just seem bland. Even with all the components of a complete design are present - color scheme, furniture, decor items, - but something seems to be missing from the room. If this feels familiar to you, we have the solution for you: texture. 

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One of the most effective and easiest ways to change the look of a home is by painting it. Sometimes, just painting with the desired color doesn’t make our homes as striking as we want. Texture paints can add a certain character and depth to the walls that regular paints have failed to do for a long time. Textured paints can also minimize and even hide the imperfections and blemishes in the walls. Texture painting is a brilliant idea, no doubt but it is important to understand that textured paints are difficult to remove, and painting over the textured walls will take numerous coats of paint for a smooth finish. So, we at HomeTriangle decided to give you a guide on everything about texture painting.

What is Texture Painting?

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Textured paints are essentially just water-based paints which makes them less toxic to other oil-based paints. Texture painting is based on the paint, and its application or the addition of materials such as ribbon, metal, wood, etc to create a certain look and feel to the surface. The four arts in texture painting are abstract texture, actual texture, a simulated texture, and invented texture and these create a certain stimulation to the touch and sight of the walls. 

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These textured paints add a kind of new dimension and depth to the interior walls. They are made of materials that mimic a texture when applied to flat surfaces. From, grainy finishes to faux finishes that leave an impression on the wall, there are a lot of textures to choose from. 

How to Texture-Paint?

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  • The first and foremost aspect of creating a textured painted wall is to make sure that the walls are ready to be texture painted by ensuring that they are smoothened and leveled. Make sure the walls are clean and don’t have any cracks or holes in them. Fill the holes or cracks with plaster of pairs to level them out, if there are any cracks or holes. 
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  • Choosing the right texture paints for the walls is very important because there a ton of varieties available on the market. Decide the kind of texture you want, for example, a smooth texture will give an option for a swirl effect by using a towel, a stiff-bristled paintbrush, and a small putty knife. A sandstone texture paint will give you a sandy and gritty appearance and will give the image of a wall painted with sand. This gives the walls a contemporary look. Make sure the texture suits the other design elements in your rooms to get the most out of it.

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  • The patterns and designs have to be created before the paint starts drying up. Once the paint starts drying up, you’ll find it very difficult to be able to manipulate them into any designs. Pay attention to the corners and other usually neglected areas and create the patterns very carefully. You can experiment with a lot of different patterns and designs when the paint is wet. 

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Paint small areas at a time with the textured paint because as we mentioned earlier, you can create patterns only when the paint is wet and as soon as the paint dries, you lose your freedom to experiment with it. 

Advantages of Texture Painting 

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Texture painting can provide excellent protection against extreme heat, cold, and rains. The extra special additives in these paints help in the protection against alkali and UV-rays, fungi and algae, peeling, fading, and flaking. Textured paints can also cover minor defects and uneven surface damage and minor imperfections in walls. The other advantages of textured paints include:
  • Better looks
  • Covers minor cracks and defects on walls
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong in nature 
  • An alternative to wallpapers
  • Decorative in appearance
  • Available in metallic finishes gold, silver, and copper

HomeTriangle Texture Painting Services 

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Choosing the right experts to paint your homes is as important as choosing the right design or choosing to texture paint your home. We understand how much you love your home and we compiled a database of the best texture painting professionals in the country who are skilled and trained with a decade of experience in the field. You deserve the best professionals and that is what we are hell-bent on providing you with. Call us today at 76 76 000 100 to book an appointment.



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