8 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Home

Have you always thought that painting your house is just for aesthetic purposes? A lot has been said about paint colors and how they instantly enhance the look and feel of the house. What is unsaid often is that regular painting can protect the walls and keep your property in good condition for years.  In this blog, we will elaborate on the 8 signs that will tell you it’s time to call in the professional painters in Hyderabad to paint your home interiors and exteriors.

1. The paint colors are fading

The first sign that tells you that you need to call the painting contractors in Hyderabad  / Painting contractors in Chennai / Painting contractors in Bangalore / Painting Contractors in Pune the fading of the paint color. The paint color naturally fades because of sunlight and rain. Paint fading will be visible earlier in dark colors compared to light colors. 

2. The caulk is cracking

Caulk is a hard substance that you see around your doors and windows. Over the years, tiny cracks may form in the caulks, which could expand to form larger gaps. Water could enter the wall through these gaps and damage the structure. So, you need to re-caulk the area and repaint it.

3. The paint is peeling off or bubbling 

When the paint is exposed to heat, sunlight, moisture, mold, and mildew for a long time, it starts bubbling or peeling off. Initially, the peels or bubbles may be so small that they are not noticeable. But, soon they may spread to a larger area. Before the paint peeling causes any further damage to the walls, call the professional painters in Hyderabad. 

4. The paint has morphed

Sometimes, certain paint colors morph to form a different color due to exposure to sunlight. For example, beige may morph into a pink color on exposure to the UV rays of the sun. This morphing may happen in patches or over a large area. If you like the new color, then it’s fine. Else, you need to repaint your house.

5. Mould and moisture stains are visible

If you find mold and moisture stains on the walls or ceilings, then it is definitely time to repaint your house. If the damage is mild, then just repainting the walls could be a solution. However, if the damage is deep, then you should go for a professional consultation to remove the mold and mildew from the walls.

6. The woodwork is rotting

If your house has any woodwork, then you should regularly check it for signs of rotting. Sometimes, the rot may not be visible on the outside. So, bring in a professional once a year to check the condition of the woodwork. The wood can then be painted to add a layer of protection from the sun and the rain.

7. It’s been a long time since the house was painted

When was the last time you painted your house? Generally, it’s a good idea to repaint your house once a year. There are paints that offer up to the 5-year guarantee. But, even if you’re using them, keep checking for the signs described above to determine when to repaint your house.

8. You want a new color

If you’re bored with the current color or want to change the paint color for personal reasons or Vaastu, then go for a repaint job.

Now that you’ve identified the signs that tell you that your house needs to be repainted, you need to find the best house painting contractors in Hyderabad. Don’t search through multiple sources; simply visit our website to find the top painting contractors in Hyderabad.
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