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Not everyone has the mega bucks needed for a full scale renovation! So, if you belong to that lot and are frustrated by your lack of budget but desperately need a home makeover, how do you meaningfully alter decor quickly and on a budget, as in under 500 bucks? We're going to tell you!

Not everyone has the mega bucks needed  for a full scale renovation! So, if you belong to that lot and are frustrated by your lack of budget but desperately need a home makeover, how do you meaningfully alter decor quickly and on a budget, as in under 1000 bucks? We're going to tell you!

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Love your rupee! 5 under 999 ideas for decorating!
Image - Firstpost.in

Roll Out A Rug!

Go to the local crafts bazaar and look for a really colorful dhurrie, or better yet, go online and sign up for every home decor product website you can find. Most websites will offer freebies when you sign up or a discount on your first purchase that will let you stretch your Rupee further! The price of a dhurrie can vary greatly depending on the material and intricacy of the design/ weave, aim for a colorful, graphic design in a size that fits your budget and the room that you plan to put it in. You will end up with a bargain that can transform your living room or study when used right!

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Colorful cotton dhurries can dramatically alter a room
Image - Freedomtree.in

Mirror Mirror!

Mirrors are a great way to add interest to a boring wall in a dull room. Reflective surfaces tend to draw the eye and which woman on earth can resist a mirror? To add a little more interest pick a set of mirrors cut in various shapes that complement the decor of the room. The butterfly mirrors in the image below are a great example of the idea in practice and are easily available online on sites like Amazon.

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Butterfly shaped mirrors dress up a wall over the living room couch.
Image - Amazon.in

Paint Away!

Indulge the little child in you and attempt a DIY that combines paint and your creativity to come up with unique, personal, superbly effective yet exceedingly cheap interior decor option that will transform any wall or other item in the home that you decide to brush up! Check out this article on leftover paint for more fabulous ideas.

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Paint used to stencil a pattern on the wall
Image - Vintagenewsjunkie.com

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The finished stenciled patterned accent wall in a living room
Image - Hometriangle.com

Buy An Indoor Plant

999 is going to go a long way if you decide to spend it at the local nursery or garden center. You can decide to buy a multitude of flowering plants to dress up window sills and table tops or splurge on one really large indoor plant that will impact the decor of a room significantly. Depending on your home interior and decor pick a plant that is suitable for the prevailing light conditions at the particular spot you mean to place it at. For more ideas and info read these articles on decorating with indoor plants and Indian herbs that can be grown at home easily.

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A large monstera plant is a statement piece in a living room
Image - Marthastewart.com

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Herb pots on a sunny kitchen windowsill
Image - Harvesttotable.com


The best way to save money is to buy nothing at all! So this idea is zero cost, way below even the 999 limit we set for ourselves! But, how do you then change decor or your interior dramatically you ask? The thought behind this idea is that you don't have to buy anything to create wonderful decor or an unusual interior setting in your home, all you have to do is subtract from the existing items to create a minimal look and perhaps rearrange the remaining items for a fresh feel in any room.

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Minimalist decor means subtracting rather than adding!
Image - Derlys.com

Rearrange what you already own and stash away items to reduce clutter to create a minimalist, un-cluttered look that will create a zen feeling and will help you concentrate better and feel calmer because you aren't distracted by all your belongings or burdened by the need to keep them clean and ordered!

Got an under 999 idea that worked beautifully? Show off your design chops and share it today!



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