Handy Hacks For Avid Gardeners

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Are you an avid gardener?
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There's a million articles out there for the newbie gardener but this one is aimed at the avid gardeners out there who have a green thumb and a great garden to show for it! We've still got something to contribute, and these hacks will make your garden greener, more eco-friendly as well as make your gardening pursuits a wee bit easier! 

A little less effort for a lot more green! Read on...

Egg Shell Seed Starters

Use your breakfast in the garden! Eggshells make for super seed starter trays, and once the seedling is happily popping its head out all you have to do is crumble the shell up and it becomes natural fertilizer for the rest of your garden!

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Use eggshells in their trays as a seed starter tray
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Garden Markers

Use rocks painted with the image/ name of the veg or fruit you are growing as markers across your garden. This makes a fun and educational DIY project to do with your kids, inculcating a curiosity in them about how things grow and the many gifts of Mother Nature.

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Pretty painted rocks make handy garden markers
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Drip Irrigation DIY

Use old plastic bottles to create your very own, homemade drip irrigation system ( as shown in the image below). Drip irrigation is a good way to keep your plants watered during the hot summer months coming up. Drip irrigation will actually help you consume less water for gardening and is better for the plants too as it keeps the soil moist for longer and prevents soil from drying out completely.

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DIY drip irrigation
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We have good news for you, an adult ladybug can eat up to a 1000 aphids a day! Aphids are a common problem, and most seasoned gardeners ( even the environmentally conscientious ones) often give up and resort to chemical sprays to get rid of them. If you are at wits end with your garden under attack from aphids, introduce a few ladybugs to your garden as a natural form of pest control. 

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Ladybugs act as a natural form of pest control for aphids
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Milk For The Garden

Milk is not only good for you and your family but also a great for your garden! Milk is a natural anti-fungal and can be used safely in your garden. Use toned milk, diluted 1:9 with water, in a spray bottle and spray on plants till drenched to prevent fungal attacks. Using milk as a natural fungicide is especially important when cultivating fruit and vegetable plants so none of those nasty chemicals end up in your environment or your body. 

As an added plus, milk is also cheaper than buying bottles of harmful chemical fungicides.

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Make a milk spray for your veggie garden
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Try these super effective ideas in your garden today, and do write in to us with the fabulous results! If we're blown away we'll even feature your efforts in the Homeowner Styles Series on the HomeTriangle advice section.

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