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Use up leftover paint that is practically free, don't run the risk of storing it till its dried out and completely useless, plus the gorgeous results from these easy ideas will surprise you!

Right after a big home remodel you'll find you have small, often useless, batches of paint leftover from the paint you've used to spruce up your home. We recommend that you keep some of this leftover paint stored, tagged and stacked away neatly for the inevitable touch-up jobs required in the future, but you could also put a batch of leftover paint to good use by attempting these fun DIY projects.

Use up leftover paint that is practically free, don't run the risk of storing it till its dried out and completely useless, plus the gorgeous results from these easy ideas will surprise you!

Frame It

Article Image
Paint old frames different colors with leftover paint

Colorful picture frames are very much in vogue right now, make your own by painting old frames in the different colors that you have leftover. Chances are that the frames will set off your rooms nicely because the shades will match the ones you have used to paint your home! A quick tip, add a little white paint to create frames that are a few shades lighter so they don't blend into a wall painted the same color.

Stencil Style

Article Image
Paint used to stencil a pattern on the wall

A stencil pattern on one wall will require very little paint especially if you incorporate the color of the base wall ( the wall that you are painting on) into the finished pattern like in the image below. Use a simple stencil cut out to paint a repetitive pattern to create an accent wall in a room.

Article Image
The finished stenciled patterned accent wall in a living room 

Stair Rise

Article Image
Stripes painted on a stair rise

A little paint can go a long way when painting the stair-rise (the stair-rise is the vertical part of the staircase between steps). You could paint all the panels of the staircase one color, or varying shades of the same color, or take it one step further and stencil a pattern on the base color for added interest.

Article Image
A stencil pattern on a stair rise painted in shades of blue

Paint One Piece

Article Image
Different ideas for painted chairs

Depending on the amount of paint you have leftover, you can choose to paint a piece of furniture like the chair above in its entirety, or paint just the legs of the chair, or only the feet! Combinations like the ones shown above will help you create many different looks. 

Article Image
Dining room chairs painted bright green 

Bright Curtain Rods

Article Image
Curtain rods painted in bright colors

Another place to spruce up with a little color is the humble, functional curtain rod. The curtain rod is often relegated to the background when decorating a room, a fresh coat of paint will make it a stand out accent in its own right!


Article Image
A tree painted on the wall in a kid's room

If you are talented with a brush and fancy a little freehand painting, attempt to create your own painted art. This idea works beautifully in a kid's or baby's room for an extra-special personal touch and you can involve the tots for a messy but fun DIY project.

Small Motif

Article Image
Canvas toy basket with painted car motif

If you have a miniscule amount of paint left, even that can be put to good use! Paint an icon on a canvas storage basket for toys like the car shown above or paint around the handles of an old chest of drawers, even a small rangoli motif on the entryway floor is an easy but different idea that is permanent unlike powder rangoli!

Try one of the fun ideas listed above to take your decor to another level with personalised DIY style on a shoestring budget!



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