The Magnetised LYFE of a Planter


Have you ever thought of a mid-air rotating planter? There is a company embarking on magnet, built a mesmerising piece of home decor to boost the look of your house. You might want to take a look at LYFE, a Sweden based company that used science at its best. They have created an unique piece of art, a mid-air rotating partner on an oak base. It is enthralling to see a planter not grounded.

The great aspects of it, is the unique feature is that it is magnetically levitated on top of an electromagnetic base.

This is for those who love planting, the planter has a hidden reservoir to collect excess water from the plants. The magnetic surface beholds the quality to ripen certain fruits, which in turn is a great news technologically and environmentally.

The fancy effect that it brings to the house is priceless. Although it is expensive, yet you can get one for yourself as its unique feature will boost your credibility among dear ones! LYFE is trying to reach this product to the world, for now it is available in USA, UK and France. The life expectancy is not too long however, the finish is extraordinary.

Let’s hope that we soon find something as unique as this in India too.

Olivia roy choudhury

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