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A dust-free Indian home is quite the miracle. Getting rid of the dust in our homes is a never-ending battle. Read HomeTriangle’s tips on how to achieve a dust-free home.

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A dust-free Indian home is quite the miracle. Getting rid of the dust in our homes is a never-ending battle. Pollen, dust mites, and other airborne pollutants lurking in the dust can adversely affect our health and mental well-being. We suggest you take a few steps to completely eliminate dust at the source and not let it move freely around your home. 

Read HomeTriangle’s tips on how to achieve a dust-free home. 

1. No Shoes

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Shoes are notorious for bringing in every kind of germs and dust from outside. Our experts express that it’s highly preferable to remove shoes before entering the house. Installing a shoe cabinet or creating a special corner at the entrance to take off and store your outdoor shoes and keep your indoor footwear like slippers is a great way to minimize the amount of dust getting in your home. A coarse-fiber heavy-duty doormat can trap a good amount of dirt from the shoes but keep in mind to clean the doormat at least once a week. 

2. Clutter-Free Spaces

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Too much furniture, ornamental objects, or accessories that block corners means more surfaces that can gather dust. Old magazines, newspapers, etc should be thrown away because they can block a lot of space and gather dust with time. Soft toys in the kids’ room are dust magnets and should be avoided at all costs. 

3. Regular Cleaning

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A daily cleaning regime is very important if you hope to achieve a dust-free home. Try and mop the floors two times a day if you can because nothing keeps dust at bay like water. Microfibre cloth attracts dist particles better and is your best option for dusting and cleaning. I would ask you to consider environment-friendly cleaning supplies that can deter any kind of bacterial growth. 

Your ‘furry’ friends and other pets should be groomed regularly. The dead skin and hair from their body spreads around easily and can have adverse health effects. We also suggest a ‘spring clean’ every three months. Regularly wiping the walls with a damp cloth from top to bottom can go a long way when fighting against dust. Also, constantly get rid of the stuff you don’t need. 

4. No Carpets

Carpets are a crucial source of dust. While it’s true that carpets look beautiful and bring elegance and softness to the interiors, they also trap dust effortlessly and let loose little invisible puffs at every step when someone walks over them. But if you’re steadfast on carpeting your room, ensure you vacuum it daily and remove and clean the under-carpet area once a month. Tiles or easy-to-clean flooring are better options when compared to carpet. 

5. Linen And Upholstery Cleaning

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Probably the most important part of making your bedroom dust-free is changing your sheets and pillowcases once a week. Pillows and heavy blankets are susceptible to dust mites, which is why we suggest linen, carpets, mats, etc in your bedroom. Toss the heavier blankets in ample sunlight once every couple of months. Turn and flip your mattresses regularly, and occasionally toss them also in the sun. 

Cushions, curtains, and other upholstery can gather a lot of dust over time. We suggest you beat the sofas and rugs bristly with a cloth or a wooden paddle till you stop seeing dust particles fly in the air along with your regular maintenance. Also, keep in mind to wash or dry clean the curtains once every 3 months. 

6. Vacuum Cleaner

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A good vacuum cleaner can easily control and clean the dust that settles in the corners or under the furniture. Periodic vacuum cleaning keeps the home clean and is effective in sucking up dust from the sofas, curtains, and carpets.

There are vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air filters) in the market and they are highly proficient at taking in tiny dust particles. Steam cleaning can get rid of the grime, dirt, and stains on your kitchen counter and all kinds of floor and wall tiles. 

7. Air Purifiers 

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The current rise in pollution in all major Indian cities has made air purifiers a necessity to the home as they claim to clean the air we breathe indoors. Purifiers can potentially trap dust particles and pollutants before they come into contact with the surfaces in our homes. 

If you’re someone like me who cares about the qualify of the air we breathe, read our article on 5 ways in which you can improve the indoor air quality



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HomeTriangle's Expert Tips To A Dust-Free Home

A dust-free Indian home is quite the miracle. Getting rid of the dust in our homes is a never-ending battle. Read HomeTriangle’s tips on how to achieve a dust-free home.

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