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The festive season is around the corner and any celebration is incomplete without lights. Here are some ideas for you to explore.

Celebrations are all about feeling a sense of belonging and a fulfilment of religious commemoration and thanksgiving. The festive season is around the corner and any celebration is incomplete without lights.
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Different designs and colours of classy, sparkling lights are one of the main attractions that fabricates the mood during festivities. Especially, decorating and delineating are very important to give a new look to your house, as a lot of relatives visit each other’s houses during any occasion.
So, here are a few tips to decorate your house with classy and glaring lights using items within the budget - 

1. Use of Empty Wine Bottles
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Take an empty wine bottle, multi-colour LED string light. 
Put the LED string light inside the empty wine bottle, while keeping the strip inside, let it spread equally covering the full bottle. This gives a sassy and brighter finish to the bottle when lit and recreates the look of the place wherein kept.

2. LED Veil

You will need about 5 to 10 veil or tulle material cloth strips equal to your window curtain length, it can be plain or patterned. 
Also, yellow light LED strings based on the width of the window. 
Make place for the veils to hang like curtains trailed with light and fit in the window rod like you do for any other curtain. 
Take each LED string and gently keep twisting the string across casually over the veil pieces and continue till the last one. 
In the end, switch off all the other lights and plug in the LED string to the socket and switch on the lights. It gives a paradise effect to the room. Note: You can use other coloured lights as well.
3. Paper Candles
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Arrange a few LED candles, chart papers, double sided tape and take any old vase or little spread out glasses. 
Cut the paper into different designs like leaves, flowers their stems, be careful that you don’t cut them off too much or simply make many tiny holes all over. 
Then, take double sided tape and stick the paper from one end to the other. 
Take the glass and keep one candle inside, take the paper and put it across the glass.
Light the candle and you will see the magic.
Suggested LED candles are basically for safety purpose

 4. Glass Jar Candles

diy lighthouse
Take a medium or a large glass jar with a wider mouth, fragrant candles, red and green silk ribbons. 
Twirl the red and green ribbons then tie and decorate around the mouth of the mason jar. 
Place the candle inside and light it.
Keep it in any corner of the room and let it glow.

5. Wine Glass Lamp 

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Use a wine glass, candle and golden colour marble or chart or crepe paper. 
Cut the paper in a conical or cylindrical shape, draw polka dots or tiger print design and colour the dots or the print in black or navy blue.
Let it dry, then stick the paper with double side tape and make sure it doesn’t slip off the wine glass. 
Put the candle inside the glass and light it.
Place the conical shaped paper on top of the glass.
The glass lamp is ready and it has a classy look.

Few more DIY to add to your list for the upcoming festive season- 

diy lighting ideas

diy night lamp


without electricity light\

hacks and tricks

Try these out at home for festivals and birthdays, or you could make and gift your loved ones.
Credit : Olivia Roy Chaudhary



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