5 Top Kitchen Tips

We could all use a little help in the kitchen. The following are five super kitchen tips that can use to make things a little easier:

1) Get rid of bulky spice boxes in your cabinet, by making use of old jars. Fill an empty jar with your favorite spice. Cut out the name from the box and tape it to the front of the jar to form a label.

Fill jar
 Image – DaveHax.com

2) If you have a burner on the stove that won't light easily, then try spaghetti. Take one length of spaghetti and use a working burner to light it. Then light the non-working burner with ease.

Take one length of spaghetti

Image – DaveHax.com

3) Create storage containers out of used plastic bottles. Cut off the tops of two bottles and remove the labels. Use scissors to cut a smooth edge around the tops of each. On one of the bottles, cut a small slit down the side and connect it to the other. They will fit nicely together, holding dry ingredients.

Create storage containers

4) Following a recipe from a cookbook? Stop your pages from flipping and getting dirty, by clipping a pants hanger to the top of the cookbook. Hang it on your cabinet for convenience.

Clipping a pants hanger to the top of the cookbook  
Image - DavHax.com

5) When boiling food in a pot, place a long wooden spoon across the top of it to keep water from spilling out.

Keep wooden spoon- To keep water from spilling out


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