DIY? Or Hire a Plumber ASAP?

Here’s how to decide whether a plumbing job is DIY or not!


Proud to DIY!
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Some homeowners are used to undertaking minor plumbing repairs on their own. DIY jobs like a blocked drain, a leaky faucet, installing a shower-head are simple and can be completed in quick time. However, when a plumbing job is complicated it is simply beyond the skills of an untrained homeowner and you may do more damage than good! Hire a professional plumber on with the training and experience to tackle complicated repairs.

Saving money and time
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DIY might be the most cost-effective and immediate method of fixing minor plumbing issues. On the other hand, undertaking plumbing DIY projects that are outside your knowledge can result in costly mistakes. Hiring a professional plumber at the right time will save time, money and maximize the results. An expert can also spot additional problems that you may not be aware of. A professional plumber will likely finish the job faster; hence it’s important to distinguish how far you can go it alone.

Changing a faucet
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Plumbing Jobs You Can DIY

Replacing a Faucet 

Most faucet installations do not require a plumber unless valve connections are damaged or other repairs need to be made before the old faucet can be replaced. Otherwise all you have to do is buy the faucet of your chosen design and make; installing it is a simple and straightforward project.

Repairing Toilet Fixtures

Many problems with the toilet stem from old and faulty seals, chains and blockages. Fixing or replacing these are fairly easy DIY projects. 


When To Hire A Professional Plumber?

Shutting Off Water Mains

If you don’t know which main line to turn off, it might result in water leakage or outburst. Hire a professional plumber who will know exactly which connections to turn off and has the skills and experience to accurately deal with the plumbing pipes of your house.

Shut off the right pipe
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Renovations & Home Improvements

Renovating requires major changes to your plumbing and acquiring the necessary work permits, both jobs are best left to a professional plumber. 

Submersible pumps
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Repairing A Submersible Pump

Over time you may have to repair or replace a submersible pump, an expert plumber is the best man to clean, check, repair or replace it. 

Concealed piping
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Concealed Pipes

Embedded piping issues, require breaking of walls, flooring or ceilings. Only a professional can pinpoint the connections and know which surfaces to open up


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