Interior Design Measurements Part 2 - Room Sizes

Measure your room the right way and plan your interiors perfectly!

An interior design project involves extensive planning and measuring of the spaces available in your home. Being able to accurately measure rooms is important to be able to plan items like furniture, carpets etc., that are to be used in the room according to the space available. 
Measure the length and width of a room and note openings of windows and doors
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Step 1 - Most room interiors will have a defined length and width. Begin by measuring both the length and the width of the room by measuring from one corner to the other of each of the room walls. remember to measure in a straight line and to use a good quality, extendable tape measure.
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Step 2 -  Measure the size and make a note of the placement of architectural features like doors, windows, staircases etc. Windows and doors are measured from frame to frame for floor plan notations but measuring the actual opening sizes is also useful for planning wall to wall carpeting, etc. 
It is important to measure and note doors and windows so as to plan the layout of the furniture in a room. For instance, in a bedroom you may not want to place the bed under a window that lets in bright light or too close to a wall which may hinder ease of movement. This will actually help when buying new furniture so that it is suited to the size of the room it is intended for.
A floor plan drawn to scale on grid paper
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Step 3 - Now that you have all the basic measurements draw up a floor plan that is to scale by using graph or grid paper. Use the scale of 1 inch=1 Foot to draw a representative plan on paper. You can mark the placements of architectural features like doors and windows on the floor plan. Other features that can be marked on the floor plan are cupboards, electrical sockets, etc.

Accurate room measurements are useful when planning to buy furniture, lighting fixtures, carpeting and even indoor plants for your home! Room measurements are the first step in any interior design project. Consult a professional interior designer on to help you create the perfect interior space  today!
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