Don't Have A Foyer? 5 Interior Design Tricks That Create One!

If you don't have a dedicated entryway or foyer space, don't fret! We've got the insider tips on how to create one out of thin air!

Most modern Indian homes, especially urban apartments do not integrate a dedicated entryway or foyer space in the interior design. The main door opens into the living room area directly and with no foyer area there is usually no dedicated space for items like car keys, newspapers and mail etc., and especially storage for shoes that most people remove at the door. 
Many elements make a modern functional foyer space
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Interior Design Idea 1 - Bookcase As A Divider

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A bookcase can be used to divide a living area into a dedicated entryway space and the living area beyond, effectively screening the living area from the entryway.

Interior Design Idea 2 - Get Benched!

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Use a bench to create an entryway setting that is separate from the main living area and to demarcate both visually. As an added plus, buy a bench with inbuilt storage to do double duty, a place to sit while wearing and removing shoes especially convenient for little ones and the elderly.

Interior Design Idea 3 - Go Modern

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An over the top modern room divider (like the ones in the image above) is a great alternative to traditional ornate screens and can be an eye catching decor accent while serving the purpose of creating a foyer are too!

Interior Design Idea 4 - Mirror It!

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Use a mirror to create a setting similar to the idea of the bench. A console table topped with a mirror is one option or a large mirror flanked by tall table as shown in the image above both clearly demarcate the space as an entryway.

Interior Design Idea 5 - Paint & Paper

Use a different color of paint or a patterned wall paper to create a visual differentiation between the living area and the entryway area. This is a very cost effective solution and can be used in combination with the bench, mirror and storage ideas listed above!
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Don't have an entryway? Try our fabulous interior design ideas today or hire an interior designer to create the look for you in a jiffy on

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