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In this feature, Neha Agarwal describes a statue of the goddess Tara placed strategically in a niche near her main door for positive energy.

HomeTriangle's "Homeowner Styles" series features contributions from style savvy homeowners who open the doors to their home to welcome the HomeTriangle audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the special spots in their homes and the aesthetic elements that came together to craft one of a kind decor and interiors!

In this feature Neha Agarwal describes an "East meets West" decor statement in the form of a statue of the goddess Tara placed strategically in a rectangular wall niche near her main door to bring positive energy to her home.

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The statue of Tara placed in the niche

The brass Tara idol is placed in a specially carved niche in the wall exactly opposite the main entrance. 

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The Tara state is traditional but placed in a contemporary setting

The idea was to have a traditional piece of art near the entrance to have positive vibes in the house. 

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The staue is intricately detailed

While the idol is rich and earthy in its carvings, its placement in the niche with the spotlight gives a contemporary twist. 

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The statue is placed on a colorful mat

The colorful place mat underneath the Tara and the tiny spotlight above accentuate the little white niche. 

I had a tough choice choosing an artifact for this area as I wanted it to be rich and exquisite and it either had to be one of Buddha or of Lord Ganpati. But when I looked at the Tara, I instantly realized that it was carved out especially for that niche. Tara in my home evokes tradition in a contemporary setting while also distinguishing it from the more common choices.

Article and Images contributed by - Neha Agarwal



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