Nifty Shoe Storage Ideas By The Main Door

If you follow the practice of no shoes inside the house you need an innovative storage solution right at the main door to keep your footwear sorted, organized and looking good too! Admittedly endless pairs of shoes lined up next to the entryway are an ugly sight.

Here are some interesting ideas for shoe storage to keep your home looking spic and span.

Antique Shoe Rack

An antique shoe rack will not only bring some balance to your chaotic entrance door but will also add the old world charm to the rest of the house. All you need is a matching rug to go along with it to make it a perfect spot for cleaning your feet before you enter the house. You can also add a colourful bench to dress up the whole spot and make functionality out of it!

Article Image
Antique shoe rack made of steel & iron frame

Cubbied Bench

A unique cubbied bench enables you to tuck away all of your shoes and still offer an inviting area to sit. You can experiment with prints and patterns for the upholstery for the seat of the bench so it matches your decor.

Article Image
Chevron printed cubbie bench as a shoe rack

Go Modern

Choose a starkly modern design for your shoe rack, like this stacked round cylindrical one, to make it a statement piece in the foyer of your home. This interesting idea right by the door adds immense storage space.

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Mirror and circular shoe storage at the door        


Creatively re-purpose old window and door panels to make this unusual storage box that can be used for shoe storage as well as other odds and ends in your home.

Article Image
Old window frames re-purposed for shoe storage

Shoes And Ladders

If you own an old wooden ladder that hasn't seen the light of day since you bought the new one, it’s time to get it out, re-paint it and Voila! You just made yourself an interesting accessory that will dress up your entry way nook, and stack up your shoes stylishly.

Article Image
Ladders used as a shoe rack to place shoes

Space Saving Racks 

Live in a tiny apartment? If you are short of space, nail some colorful wooden painting frames as shelves on the wall by the main door to organize your shoes as you head in and out. This innovative technique will not take up any additional space and provide a dedicated spot for your shoes.

Article Image
Neat shoe shelves by the door

Shoe Nook

If you have a nook by the door, install shelving and use it as an enclosed shoe storage area, covering it with a matching curtain can make it look decor perfect. Not only are your shoes sorted but you get to put otherwise wasted space to good use.

Article Image
Small nook as a shoe closet

If your shoes are visible to people entering your home, it's a good idea to segregate them by family member, or style, or color code them when stacked in the storage option of your choice. This little touch will make your shoe storage even more attractive!

Article Image
Labeled shoe bins for members of the family

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