How To - Buy The Perfect Doormat

Doormats are a fun way to spruce up your entryway and make a good first impression! Give choosing the right door mat for your home a little bit of thought. While laying down a good doormat is important to protect your floors and is also the first line of defense against all the debris that comes in along with your shoes. 

What are the things that you should consider when buying a doormat? Here are a few helpful tips for buying a doormat for your home.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

Will the mat be used inside or outside your home? Buy a doormat made of a durable, weather resistant material such as sea grass or coconut fibers for outside the main door. Indoor mats can be delicate and more design oriented. 

Durable doormat for the entryway
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Consider Usage

If the surface of the doormat is textured then it is best placed outside your home. We recommend that you avoid full rubber mats, especially in winters, because they tend to become slippery with all the morning dew and can pose a slip hazard. Apart from that, rubber cracks in cold weather

The low profile design of this doormat allows door to slide open over it
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Non-slip Backings 
Non slip backing on doormats keeps them where they are meant to be. During the rainy season, wet floors can make doormats slippery if they do not come with non-slip backing. It is always better to have non-slip backing on a doormat so that it stays in place, regardless of where you place the mat.

Thick rubber backing keeps this outdoor doormat in place
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Doormats are available in various shapes and sizes these days. Choose a doormat that is relevant to the size of your door. Needless to say that both your feet must fit on the mat! The ideal size of a doormat is at least 3/4ths of the width of the door. The thickness of the mat should be such that it does not interfere with the opening or closing of the door it is placed before. 


Doormat should be ¾ the width of the door
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Doormats are a utilitarian buy necessary to trap dirt and debris, but they are also the first point of welcome for your guests and even you for that matter. So keep your doormats clean and replace frequently to keep the entryway fresh and interesting.


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