A Soothing Scented Home Is A Pleasure!

Scented, sweet smelling homes are more relaxing and comfortable, and a pleasure to live in! Home perfumes can be used for masking a range of smells that tend to linger in and around the inhabited spaces. Different scents have a unique appeal, and some combinations are awesome while others can trigger a bout of nostalgia! 
Irrespective of whether you are expecting visitors, simply looking to indulge in a fragrant home, or fighting to keep a stink out, try out these options to make your home smell good. Do take some time to brush up on the basics of aromatherapy to enhance the experience!

Scented Candles

Celebrate with scented candles!
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You can create an impressive ambiance with the choicest of scented candles. Fresh fragrances such as citrus, peppermint and clove relieve tiredness, while eucalyptus and cinnamon enhance focus and creativity. The mild, soothing scent of vanilla calms the mind. Pleasant smelling rose, lavender, sandalwood help de-stress, while chamomile and neroli aid sound sleep.  

Reed Diffusers

An assortment of reed diffusers
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Reed diffusers help tap into the rich fragrance of essential oils naturally.  Most of these off-the-shelf products use bamboo or rattan reeds to absorb the scented oil from a glass container and diffuse the scent into the space. Oil and glass offer an interesting play of light. Make sure to place your reed diffuser at a vantage point to get the best combination of visual appeal and fragrance!


A novel way to tickle your sense of smell
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This innovative approach to scenting homes is worth a try, but only if you don’t mind the extra effort involved. Potpourri is simply a mix of the right diffusers and essential oils, most often including an assortment of carefully dried flowers, spices, pine cones, barks and herbs and fruits as well. This concoction once prepared is stored in an airtight container for at least a week to brew, after which it can be exposed to diffuse the scent. Here again the ingredients are totally based your preferences. 
You can even choose to simmer a mix of herbs, barks and fruits for a stove-top potpourri to fill your home with a refreshing aroma.

Air Fresheners

Air freshener gels add a dash of color as well!
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Available as sprays, electronic timed release systems, gels and perfumed discs, the effectiveness of air fresheners tends to vary based on the form of the product, and how frequently it is used. You can settle for the right one based on the size and type of the room.  

Oil Diffusers

An active ultrasonic oil diffuser
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Scent diffusers are relatively new to the typical Indian home. There are several types of oil diffusers available and they differ in how they work to scent a space. Ultrasonic, humidifying and nebulizing diffusers release a fine mist of essential oil, while others evaporate the oil and disperse fragrant vapors into the surrounding space. 

Dhoops , Incense & Benzoin Resin 

Sandal, rose, jasmine, lavender and champa scents have a wide appeal
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There’s no escaping the scents of innumerable dhoops and agarbattis that flood this land! Take your pick based from traditional fragrances or more Westernized variants to suit your preferences.
Benzoin resin vaporized using charcoal fire in brass vessel
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You may remember seeing a few people in the market place using an incense holder, dispersing dense white fumes with peacock feathers!  Believed to be auspicious, these vapors of Benzoin Resin (Sambrani) are soothing, prevent/ relieve cold and chest congestion and keep pests at bay. Hot coal is used to vaporize the resin in brass or earthen holders.
Electronic vaporizers today make it possible to mimic the same effect in contemporary homes. 

Fragrant Fresh Flowers

Add a breath of life to your home with fresh flowers
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Rich scented roses, jasmine, champa and loads of other native flowers of the land add a breath of life to home interiors. Choose to place them in decorative vases, or float them in wide earthen or metallic bowls.
Coffee - A simple, effective and addictive aroma!
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Ever tried your hand at making coffee at home? The scent of roasted coffee beans can really prove addictive and coffee lovers will vouch for this invigorating aroma. Simply brew a fresh pot of coffee to scent up your space!


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