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As soon as summer arrives, the days are brighter, more relaxed, and longer! Come enjoy summer colors and the true spirit of summer in your own living space, with our list of hot, summery trends that can be implemented easily in any home. These decorative ideas will lighten and brighten your home and create a stylish summery interior.

Enjoy our fresh summer decorating ideas! 

As soon as summer arrives, the days are brighter, more relaxed, and longer. To enjoy the summer colors and spirit in full essence in your own living space, we’ve compiled some hot, summery trends that can be implemented easily in any home.  

These decorative ideas will lighten and brighten your home and create a stylish summery interior! 

Bring the outdoors in!

Bring Nature indoors by getting the liveliest and prettiest of all things - flowers. A beautiful bunch of summer flowers fits any kind of home. A bouquet of flowers, especially sunflowers, when arranged in vases can never be missed and make any home look its best by adding personality and style. Arrange the flowers in vases, ceramic pots, bowls, or even in a tin bucket. Some artificial bouquets that can be used all year long also add the same effect. 

A bouquet of yellow flowers
Image – Paletteknifepainterblogspot.com

Flowers also make great centerpieces. Create a simple centerpiece with your favorite flower combinations to bring color and life to the dinner table.


A simple flower centerpiece   
Image – Homedit.com

Create a carefree atmosphere!

Decorate all areas of your home - master bedroom, guest room, kitchen, and bathroom to give a nice summer look. You can hang bright window curtains and valances as shown in the pictures below.

Bright curtains          
Image – Curtainscolors.com

Bright summer valence
Image – Curtainshop.com

You can change the tablecloth to reflect summer colors and match other accessories. 

Table cloth
Image – Bedbathandbeyond.com 

Change sofa pillows, throw pillows, mini pillows, or pillow covers to match the curtain colors and other decorative accessories.  It’s relatively easier to sew new pillow covers. They can be sewn in no time with small amount of fabric. Put up a pretty painting of summer flowers, beaches etc., on a wall.

Living room       
Image – Bhg.com

Uniquely Innovative Ideas

Here are custom photo curtains for people who don’t mind experimenting a little and trying unique decor ideas. These photo curtains are made with digital printing technology. Here are two examples of curtains with bright art prints. These suit all types of homes and room sizes. 


Floral Photo curtain
Image – Decorforall.com

A creative photo curtain Kids’ room 
Image - Decorforall.com

Candles & Fruits

You can place some fresh summer fruits and candles on the table to make a beautiful centerpiece.

Centerpiece with candles
Image – Lushome.com

Centerpiece with candles
Image – Lushome.com


Floating candles
Image – Temantenblogspot.com

Decorate By Room

Give your bedroom a makeover by changing the pillows, bed spreads, and wall art to add a relaxing summer ambiance. In the bath rooms, you can use bright colors or add a calm summer theme like a beach style to add a crisp and fresh look. You can also add playful and fun wall decals in the kid’s room.

Foot rug           
Image – Bedbathandbeyond.com

A summery flower decal 
Image – Aliexpress.com


Potpourri provides a gentle, natural summer scent. They are easily available for purchase online and in retail shops.  

Image – Etsy.com


Here are some fancy summer kitchen ideas! You can change the look of your kitchen as shown in the pictures below or add magnets, decals, and stickers to reflect the season. Decals are inexpensive, non-toxic, and easy to apply and remove. Most can be easily transferred to almost any surface, including glass doors, windows, and wall borders to add color, texture, dimension, and drama in any room. 


Fancy kitchen          
Image – Rugsandblinds.com

Fancy kitchen cabinets
Image – Rugsandblinds.com


You can have a beautiful garden with summer flowers or have small flower pots, urns, barrels etc., all around your home. Flower pots are easy to maintain and display.

Enjoy pots of beautiful flowers on your balcony or porch!

Flower pots
Image – Gardenlovetoknow.com

We hope you have fun incorporating these ideas into your home and enjoy a beautiful, sunny summer!


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