HomeTriangle Tips To A Clutter-Free Home

Read the HomeTriangle tips to get started on the road to a clutter-free lifestyle and maintain it over long periods.

Clean and organized living space

Home is our safe haven from the outside world and most people want a clutter-free home to relax and unwind after a long day. The good news is that you can achieve a clutter-free environment in your home with a little effort, the right attitude, and some tools. Changing from an environment where there are piles of clutter everywhere is harder than you think. But once you get used to living clutter-free, the little things you do to stay that feel becomes a part of your life instead of chores.

Anti-Clutter Tips

Read the HomeTriangle tips to get started on the road to a clutter-free lifestyle and maintain it over long periods.

1. Stop Clutter From Coming In

Modern and minimalistic living space

Prevention is always better than cure. Stopping clutter on its way is the easiest way to ensure you’re free of it. The hard truth is that people don’t realize something is clutter until too late and then it’s just harder and harder to get rid of it. So we suggest you put a rein on impulse purchases, free gifts, furniture, and anything else you don’t need or love. The first step to a clutter-free lifestyle is to ensure you’re not ushering it into your home.

2. Keep Watch Over Your Mail

Mail on a desk

It is next to impossible to eliminate paper clutter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to reduce it. It is very important to deal with papers immediately to prevent them from piling up. I suggest you create a system that works for you and puts you in control of the flow of paper instead of it controlling you.

3. Make The Jump To Smaller Keepsakes

We don’t mean a home without any decorations or comfort when we say a clutter-free home. If you’re someone like me and loves to keep small tokens of remembrance, I suggest you choose something small and useful instead of something big and useless. Be mindful and always think small.

4. Buy What You Need

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I’ve seen many people buy housewares for incessantly throwing fancy dinner parties and those housewares being the biggest clutter in their homes. My number one rule to reduce clutter in my home is to shop for stuff that I actually need instead of a ton of fancy cutlery. Even if you’re someone who does regular house parties for 20 people or more, you can still maintain a clutter-free and minimalist home if you logically differentiate between what you need and what you categorize as “just in case”.

5. The Organizing Paradox

Various organizing baskets

I am drawn towards every single box, container, and shelving unit that seems to help my life in order but consciously control myself from getting any of it without considering whether they become disorganised and clutter themselves. I urge you to ensure that you’ve decluttered and organized as much as possible in your home with whatever you already have before you buy any organizing product. Even if what you have is insufficient, do a bit of research and find the right type of organizer before you buy it.

6. Keep A Few ‘Clutter Zones’

Super clean bedroom

Every miscellaneous item in your home doesn’t have to be ridden off to get a clutter-free living environment. Instead, I suggest you keep these items in an organized junk drawer or launchpad. But, you need to start discriminating between these items when you have more clutter than that which will fit in your junk drawer, box, or shelf.

Running out of clutter space? Worry not, increasing your storage size is much easier an simpler than you thought!

7. Store Similar Items Together

A clean dressing table

Sometimes clutter is just a pile of unorganized things scattered around a room. One of the most important steps you should take to keep clutter away is to keep all your shoes, plates, books, and similar stuff together and ensure that they are returned to their place every time they end up elsewhere. This is especially important for smaller items such as remote controls, makeup, batteries, pens, and toiletries. Put these things in containers to ensure they’re always in the same spot.

8. Plan Your Declutter

Most people find decluttering their homes a waste of time because the clutter just seems to come back all the time. If you’re one of those people, that is probably because you’re doing it wrong. Fundamentally, decluttering breaks down to making a decision about an item or an object, whether you keep it and store it in its proper place or get rid of it. You can’t move trash from one place to another instead of throwing it away and calling it decluttering.

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