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Valentine's Day is around the corner and Beautiful Red is everywhere. Why not If done right, red could be the perfect colour for your Home. Here are some ideas for you!

Season of red and why not add a bit of RED to your life!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and Beautiful Red is everywhere. Why not If done right, red could be the perfect color for your Home ?  Here are some ideas from Hometriangle Experts, as to how you can add a little bit of red to your home.

1. Red Living Rooms? Why not ?

Red and white complement each other so perfectly. The same goes for red and black. If you think that red should not go inside a living room, rethink once more. Consider a crimson paint with pure white wainscotting. It will be surreal.

red colored living room

2. Red Bedrooms!

It’s bold, stimulating and lucky. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, red as an auspicious way to decorate your bedroom. Like designer Maureen Footer says, "Everything you heard about red is true. It creates energy. It’s unfailingly optimistic. But what makes red enduringly fascinating is its subtlety ... It makes the mundane memorable.

red colored bed rooms

3. Red Kitchens!

Red colour bring vibrant energy and striking accents into Kitchen design and decor. Red colours are exciting and powerful. They add fun to functional interiors designed for cooking. The only thing you have to be careful about is that the red splashes you add to the kitchen should coordinate with whatever is present.

red kitchen cabinet top

4. Red Furniture and Carpets!

Don't want your walls to be red but still want a touch of red in your home? You can always consider

red furniture and/or carpets. Red furniture or carpets goes great with your white or black living room walls.

red cushions and a carpet

5. Red Curtains!

Nothing suits a white room better than red curtains.  The plush red velvet curtains give a regal feeling to your living room.

red curtains

6. Add a Small Dose of red.
Red is pretty synonymous with the term a pop of colour. If you are not ready to dive in, start with a pop or two. A pop of red in an otherwise neutral environment basically hints at the subtlety of a naturally beautiful room’s totally fun personality.

red cushions and flowers in a grey and white themed living room 

Go with Your Gut!

The final tip for you is to always follow your heart. After all, you are the one living in your home. There are endless possibilities for you. Throw caution to the wind and take risks when inspiration hits you. Red goes anywhere. If you are bold enough, you could even consider a red bathroom. With a red accent, not only does your home scream character, it adds a special kind of spice regular boring colors can never bring. Be bold and add a little bit of RED to your lives.



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