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The mercury is soaring, and making your home summer ready with these fun, useful and easy ideas will help you deal with the not so pleasant heat better.

The mercury is soaring, and making your home summer ready with these 5 fun, useful and easy ideas will help you deal with the not so pleasant heat better. Not everyone has the luxury of getting away for the summer to a cooler place, well, make it feel cooler in your very own home with these summer friendly decor tips. Say hello to the sun with a big smile on your face!

Scents Soothe

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Lemon essential oil keeps your home smelling fresh
Scent your home with a potpourri in a light summer fragrance like lemon or citronella. Use an essential oil spray to keep your home smelling fresh and pleasant. Essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus and lemongrass also keep bugs at bay, so they do double duty! Your home will smell like summer and be bug free naturally.

Door To Door

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Wire mesh doors can be decorative, they let in the breeze and keep bugs out
Consider installing wire mesh doors ( or plastic mesh with Velcro on door frames is a cheaper alternative) on all door frames that face the exterior. Keeping the wire mesh doors in place you can leave the actual door open to let air circulate in and out of your home so that the temperature indoors does not get oppressively hot. Wire mesh will also keep out mosquitoes and other pests. You'll be able to enjoy a light evening breeze without worrying about a trip to the doc!

Bring The Outdoors In

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Decorate with potted plants 
Being cooped up indoors in the summer is not fun for you or for the kids who are home from school for the holidays. Create a more outdoor feel indoors by bringing in green plants and putting them around the house. Remove heavy cloth drapes and replace with light sheer fabric drapes that filter the light and look light and airy, and cover up formal furniture with light colored or chintzy printed fabric fitted covers so that the kids can run around and play without your worrying about an expensive post summer dry clean. Fitted covers can be removed, washed easily and stored away to be used next summer.

Illuminate Your Balcony

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Make your balcony or outdoor space comfortable and cozy

Stepping out or entertaining outdoors in the day is out of the question with sun burning down on you but you can still enjoy the balmy evenings by setting up your balcony or your terrace as a little beach themed getaway nook. Add a few lanterns or tiki torches, a comfortable chair or two, and a few  pots with seasonal fragrant summer flowers in full bloom. You can always wheel out a portable water cooler or a mist fan if you have one to help make you more comfortable while you enjoy an evening under the stars.

Hang A Hammock

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An indoor hammock for summer days

Nothing says summer like a hammock, and it does not have to be outdoors. hang a hammock perfect for a snooze and bring the summer vibe into your living room! You could hang it between two trees outdoors but its so much more fum to have it indoors, you can pretend you're on your own private beach and loll with a good book.

Summertime decor should help you relax and enjoy the season, and remember soon the monsoon will be here to drive away the heat, but it also brings grey rainy days, so enjoy the sun while it lasts!



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