11 Inspired New Ways to Hang Plants Around Your Home

If you are looking for ways to help breathe new life into your home, here are 11 great ways that you can hang all sorts of different plants around your interior to help make that happen!


Floating Shelf

To create this, all you need is the following ingredients:

  • Wooden plate
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

Vertical Plant Hanger

If you are someone who has a lot of potted plants in your home, yet don't have much room to properly display them, this craft is definitely one that you should consider taking on. Each step is extremely simple to perform, and the end result will be well worth all of the work that you've put into the project!

Hanging Planter Shelf

This kind of shelf is one that is rather sophisticated, as it can bring a huge refreshing feel with just a small amount of greenery.

Plant Pockets

The only real product required for this project is your choice of air dry clay, which can be purchased from any craft store for relatively cheap.


While colanders are definitely great tools for use in the kitchen, they can also be extremely useful when it comes to planting various things as well!

Hanging Herb Mason Jars

These come in handy if you are someone who enjoys growing fresh herbs in your home, yet don't really want to leave them all on your counter top. One useful tip to consider is to add small rocks to the bottom of the jars, which will prevent the roots from rotting.

Trendy Trio

If you have an old stool that you no longer use, you can repurpose the legs and use them as plant hangers!

Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

This rustic-type display is so easy to make, you will wonder why you never got started on it a long time ago!

Succulent Chandelier

This is something that can be created out of an older pot rack that you may have in your home that you can repurpose for use in the outdoors.

Botanical Bedroom

Consider giving your own personal space an extra special touch by handing one of your favorite plants from a curtain rod. This will not only help to further accent the space, but it will also give the plant itself all of the sunlight that it needs to stay healthy.

Branch of Beauty

In the event that you may not have anything in your home to hang a plant on, you can always look to the outdoors and utilize a sturdy branch. Additionally, you can also give it an extra special touch by decorating it however you wish!


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