5 Questions to Ask When Planning a Kitchen Pantry

Deciding to create a kitchen pantry can be a good improvement in your home as you are creating a useful area. If you are planning on making such a change to your home, here are five questions you should ask yourself during your planning.

What Space is Available?

The space you have available can provide both opportunities and limitations. If you are converting an existing part of your home, such as part of the kitchen, into a pantry, then you need to think about the size and the shape of the space available. You will also need to consider how much space the addition of an internal wall will take and the impact of windows, doors and electric or plumbing points. If you are extending your home into the outside space to create your kitchen pantry, then you will need to think about building and planning regulations and the limitations of property boundaries and any other external structures.


What is the Available Budget?

The budget you have available is one of the most significant factors in what you can achieve with your pantry. To find out if your aspirations are realistic, you will need to take into account the price of both the materials and the labour to finish the job to the standard you expect. You may also need to budget for a little extra just in case there are any problems during the completion of the project which incur additional costs.


What Storage is Needed?

The main purpose of a kitchen pantry is to store food and kitchen utensils. You will probably want to be able to keep as much in this room as possible to keep your kitchen clear and uncluttered. Therefore, you will need to plan your pantry with storage in mind. There are some really clever storage solutions available now that help you to make the most of the space you have available, even if this is limited.


How Will the Space be Used?

During the planning, you should think about how else you will use the space. For example, you may decide that you want to keep cleaning equipment and some electrical appliances in this room. This will impact on what you need in the room, the storage you opt for and the overall layout.


What is the Best Layout?

The overall layout is dependent on the size and shape of the room. You need to consider the best places to store things so that the things you use most frequently are within easy reach and you should also make sure that you have space to move around the room. Although it is not a room that visitors to your home are likely to go into, you might also want to make the layout of the room contribute to how aesthetically pleasing it looks.


These are just some of the things that you will need to take into consideration when you are adding a kitchen pantry to your home. By taking each of these into consideration, this home improvement project is more likely to be successful and meet the needs of your family.


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