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Choosing the right design for your window can be a headache. Here's our guide about some window designs that we think are coming back and might suit you well.

If you are considering either renovating a home or completely building a brand new one, chances are you're likely looking for the perfect set of windows to go into the home. However, don't stop and think that you have to simply settle for more standard-type windows. In fact, there are five different window styles that are making a major comeback that you should actually consider for your own home.

Glass Louvre Windows

These windows are a great way to not only allow plenty of natural light to enter the space in which they occupy, but they are also a wonderful way to help solve any ventilation problems that you may be experiencing as well. These windows can do one of two things: either allow a little breeze to enter a space or allow hot air to escape. Additionally, they can also be installed in different areas, such as above sliding glass doors and next to sliding picture windows.

glass louvre window

Double Hung Windows

These are windows that had been more standard in homes in years past before eventually going out of fashion for some time.The best part about these windows is that they are able to be opened up from either the top or the bottom. This allows for breezes to be directly let into spaces or for rising hot air to be directly let out. Furthermore, double hung windows provide a rather sophisticated type of appeal to virtually any kind of home.

double hung window

Bifold Windows

These windows are much easier to use nowadays thanks in large part to advancements in hardware. Perhaps the biggest advantage with these windows is that you are able to open them as wide as you need or want them to be, which is great if you are someone who wants to connect your kitchen to your patio.

bifold window

Clerestory Windows

In the old days, these windows were more narrow in shape and were installed close to the ceilings in Gothic-style churches. Nowadays, however, clerestory windows can be near the ceiling that runs along the entire length of a wall, or even wraps around the length of a room. These windows are perfect for allowing natural light to brighten up a space without actually allowing direct sunlight to enter a room. The height of these windows make them perfect for ventilation as well.

clerestory window

Transoms and Fanlights

These were the two main sources of light before electricity came along. In fact, transoms and fanlights have been out of style for such a long time that a vast majority of people aren't even fully aware of what they are. Transoms are smaller-sized windows that are typically installed above either a door or another larger window. Fanlights are similar in nature to transoms, except they are more arched in shape. Both are better suited for smaller spaces since they tend to shed light over a much wider area.

transoms and fanlights


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