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Insulated windows or glazed windows have become popular in the last decade. Unlike traditional windows, these contemporary counterparts contain panes of glass.

Pros & Cons of Double Glazed Windows

Insulated windows or double-glazed windows (as they are commonly called) have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Unlike traditional windows, these contemporary counterparts contain panes of glass with the space between the panes filled with inert gasses such as xenon, argon, krypton to form an airtight seal. These windows come framed in materials like aluminum and uPVC and act as an insulating barrier between the interior and exterior of the building. 

Double Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are not just aesthetically pleasing but have a lot of advantages like sound insulation, increased security, energy efficiency, and so on. In this article, we will be talking about the different advantages and disadvantages of double-glazed windows in depth. So, if you’re planning to install new windows or replace the old ones, this guide will help you decide whether double-glazed windows are perfect for you or not. 

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1. Improved Energy Efficiency 

Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of double glazing windows is that it significantly reduces the heat that enters or exits the home. The airtight seal guarantees effective insulation. So, in hotter climates, double-glazing reduces the amount of heat gain, and in colder climates, it reduces the amount of heat loss thus improving the overall performance of the air-conditioners and thermostats and reduces the overall power consumption of your home. That means lesser utility bills and that means reduced carbon footprints.

2. Better Soundproofing 

Better Soundproofing

Traditional single glazed windows are notorious for not providing any sound insulation whatsoever. Another advantage of insulated windows is that they effectively provide soundproofing to your homes. Common sounds from the neighborhood such as traffic and kids playing can be significantly reduced with the help of double-glazed windows. There are particularly efficient systems in the market that offers up to 35 decibels. So, these windows
are perfect for homes that are close to noisy main roads, schools, airports, and so on.

3. Increased Security 

Increased Security

Double-glazed windows provide an added layer of protection compared to vulnerable single glazed windows. They are a lot stronger than single-pane windows and are tougher to break. There are also toughened or laminated glass windows in the market which are very hard to smash. You also have the option to integrate modern security locking systems into the double-glazed window units. 

4. Improved Aesthetics 

Improved Aesthetics

An absolutely easy way to give a facelift to your home is to get rid of the old single-glazed windows and bring in stylish double-glazed windows. There are a variety of frame styles available in the market, from classic white to contemporary black. This not only adds to the curb appeal of your home but also increases the value of your home. 

5. Reduces Interior Fading

Reduces Interior Fading

It is common knowledge that furniture and other decor elements of our homes tend to fade and damage when exposed to too much heat. As double glazed windows prevent UV rays from making their way into the interiors of our homes, they can help protect the furnishings, carpets, and paintings from fading. 

Disadvantages : 

1. They Are Expensive 

They Are Expensive

Double-glazed windows are significantly more expensive than conventional single-glazed windows. This is because you are paying for two sheets of glass instead of one, the added complexity of the frames, and the way they are engineered to maintain the air gap. 

2. They Can’t Be Repaired. 

They Can’t Be Repaired.

The biggest drawback of double-glazed windows is that they cannot be repaired. If the double glass panes aren’t airtight and properly sealed, these windows will be susceptible to condensation and also compromise the insulating and soundproofing qualities of the windows. In case of any damages, the only viable option is to have them completely replaced. 

3. Not Suitable for Tradition Homes

Not Suitable for Tradition Homes

There’s no doubt that double-glazed windows give the home a sleek and modern look. So, these may not be suitable for traditionally styled homes as they mismatch and clash with the decor and style of the homes. 



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