Cleaning Tips for Everyone!

No matter how much one despises cleaning, it is the tragedy of life that cleaning exists. Despite employing a maid or hiring a professional cleaning service, cleaning cannot be stricken off one's to-do list. "Is there anything that can make this any easier on me?" If this is a question you ask yourself every time you clean, then this article is for you! 

Get you cleaning caddy

This might look like a small and suggestion to ignore, but believe me when I say that doing this little thing can actually change the way you look at cleaning. This taking the "running around" part of cleaning very effectively. Cleaning might seam hell of a lot simpler when you all the weapons to fight against anything you might come across your home! 


Pack it with your essentials

Pack your caddy with your favorite cleaners. Make sure it includes the following:
  1. A scrub
  2. A microfiber cloth
  3. A toothbrush
  4. A gentle all purpose cleaner
  5. An electronic cleaner
  6. A spray bottle with equal parts of vinegar and water - which is a very handy homemade cleaner. 

Eat a chocolate

After you do the first two steps, give your self a pat on the back for accomplishing the beginning of cleaning process and enjoy the moment with a chocolate (or ice-cream if you are like me!)


Now that you have the sugar rush, ignore the cleaning and do anything else that can help you put off the cleaning for a while! 


Now that you can't put off the cleaning any longer, go ahead and get off that couch and get your hands dirty and your house clean. (Wear gloves if you took the last sentence too literally!)

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Okay! I know it is time to talk seriously about cleaning, no more procrastination. Cleaning needs organization, like everything else. Now that you are equipped with all the tools needed for cleaning, there a few things you need to do before you begin. Cleaning is a much easier process when you don't have things lying around. So put everything not it's right place back at where it belongs. If not, throw everything in to a temporary basket where it can wait till you are done with your cleaning. 

On to Some Cleaning Tips

Let the war begin!! But here are a few war winning tips. 
  1. Begin inside and work your way out: Star cleaning at the end of the room that is farthest from the door and work your way out so you know you are done when you come out of the door. 
  2. Clean everything: The windows, the door hinges, the corners and crevices - EVERYTHING! 
  3. Start by spraying things that need to sit: For example, if you need to clean your bathroom, start with adding the toilet cleaner to the bowl so you can get other things done while you wait for the cleaner to do its job. 
  4. Do the dishes before you begin cleaning the kitchen. 
  5. When you are working with the bedroom, do not skip making the bed. 
  6. Finish cleaning every single room with these simple steps and you'll feel more accomplished than ever.  


How to keep things you cleaned, well, clean? 

Cleaning for the first time is the easy part. All you need is a day you feel motivated to do it. But how to incorporate cleaning as a way of life? By following these simple tips! 
  1. Do anything that takes less than five mins immediately.
  2. Make a daily cleaning schedule of ten mins that covers that most basic things like making the bed, dusting the TV, cleaning the counters, etc. Personalize this per the needs around your home. Do not include any task that requires more than 2 mins in this list. 
  3. Make a list of tasks that require 10-20 minutes like laundry. Do them twice a week on the days that are convenient. 
  4. Make a monthly list that covers everything and helps maintain the cleanliness. 


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