Pro Plumbers Explain 2 Common WC Problems

Got a malfunctioning WC? Pro plumbers will tell you that a basic understanding of plumbing can save your family a lot of inconvenience. Fixing small problems yourself or explaining them accurately to the plumber you are hiring, will save time and also money! 

Listed here are 2 common toilet issues so you can explain them to your plumber or to fix them yourself.

Parts of a flush tank
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Plumbing Problem - The toilet does not flush on pressing the handle

If the depressed handle does not seem to be connected to the proper mechanism inside the tank, there is probably some fault of one or two of its components. A professional plumber will lift the lid off the tank and check the stopper to make sure it’s sealed properly. If the stopper looks old or is not sealed it will need to be replaced with a new stopper. 

The stopper is attached to the chain connected to the lever, which in turn is attached to the flushing handle. The chain should allow the stopper to lift for the water to drain out. It then closes tightly to prevent the water from leaking out but the tank is still filled to the correct level for the next flush.

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The chain, which connects the ball lever with the flipper can become rusted or get unhooked. Hooking it back is simple, but replacing it along with the stopper may be difficult especially for older types of flushing mechanisms, some parts may be hard to find. 

Newer toilets are configured differently. The tank does not have a floating ball but what is called a ‘bowl valve’, though the result is the same. When the toilet is flushed, the handle on the outside raises the flipper and releases the water from the tank. When new water gets filled into the tank, the bowl valve rises, which allows the water to come up to the required level. A good plumber will check the seal of the flipper which may need to be replaced if it is torn or does not facilitate a tight seal.


Plumbing Problem - Handle engages, but toilet bowl does not flush out

There may be a blockage in the drainage pipe, for which your plumber will use a toilet bowl plunger. The plunger has to have a tight seal to work. If the blockage persists, there is  a serious clog, and it is probably the ‘trap’ that is blocked. The right professional plumber will be a real boon in such a situation.

Toilet plunger
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Plumbing Tip - People try to flush down all kinds of things down the drain, including food particles, household rubbish, and other waste items. To avoid clogged toilets, be careful of what is flushed down. 

When you need to hire a plumber, do it from the organised home services companies that use skilled technicians who are trained, have the proper credentials and their business depends on their professionalism. Also, since the plumber reports to the company you are assured of prompt and courteous service. Find the best local plumbers for your job on HomeTriangle today!


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