HomeTriangle Guides: 5 Daily Tasks That Keep Your Home Clean Forever!


With just 5 tasks accommodated into your everyday schedule you'll be able to find enough time to relax in style, especially during the weekends!

Vow to do these 5 cleaning tasks everyday and watch the difference they can make!

There are zillions of excuses for not sticking to a cleaning routine! Keeping your home clean, however, is an ongoing process that demands constant attention. While you can always hire a professional cleaning service, putting your time to more effective use is bound to take the pinch out of day to day cleaning chores.
5 Daily Tasks That Keep Your Home Clean Forever!
A clean home is a pleasure!
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With just 5 tasks accommodated into your daily schedule you'll be able to find enough time to relax in style, especially during the weekends!

Cleaning Task 1 - Sweep

Professional floor cleaning prevents dirt build-up
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Make it a habit to have floors swept everyday. Depending on the type of flooring, dirt, lint, snacks, dried food etc. tend to firmly stick to the surface or even settle deeply into the floor or grout, demanding more effort and time to clean. Sweep regularly and clean up floors with the help of a professional cleaner once every few months to keep your floors looking shiny as new! 
Mop as often as possible to add a sparkle to the flooring and rid persistent grime
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Typical Indian homes still have a regular sweep and mop routine every morning, delegated to the domestic help. If you do your own cleaning, sweeping or vacuuming daily will sure minimize persistent dirt, and need for heavy mopping at the end of the week or month!

Cleaning Task 2 - Cook & Clean

Cook & Clean
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No frills counter top all set for a light breakfast
Cleaning up the kitchen as and when you complete a specific task will clear up the space to work comfortably.  For instance, you could aim to keep the counter top clean. De-clutter by putting cereal boxes, spice bottles etc. back in place after use. 
No frills counter top all set for a light breakfast
Dump kitchen waste such as skin peels and veggie remains into the trash can
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Doing the dishes can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve postponed the task. Clean used dishes (at least some of them, in case there are too many) promptly instead of simply leaving them in the sink.

Dump kitchen waste
Clean as you cook
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Remember to wipe down the tap, kitchen sink and counter top clean before you leave the kitchen to come in to a clean kitchen every time you use it next.
Clean as you cook
A spotless kitchen ready for the next use 
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Cleaning Task 3 - Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed
A clean bed sets the tone for the entire room - a code you won't have the heart to break!
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Most of us have a tendency to leave books or clothing on the bed or sofa. This pile simply keeps growing until you find that there is not enough space left for you on these pieces of comfort furniture! Making your bed every day is a great way to ensure that you keep your bedroom clean and organized. With time a clean bed creates a feel-good factor that automatically deters you from messing up the place.

Cleaning Task 4 - Clean Up Immediately

Cleaning up immediately is a welcome habit that helps keep your home looking good, without any special efforts.  Mop up wet spills promptly, wipe mirrors in the bathroom, dressing table or those built into the doors of your wardrobe every day, put away clutter and design storage to use it optimally to stash all your belongings.
Clean Up Immediately
Steel sinks need thorough scrubbing to de-scale and clear food residues.
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Scrub the sink, wash the bathtub, toilet seat, rinse buckets after each use.  Leave every room clean and tidy so that you feel welcome when you enter it the next time!

Cleaning Task 5 - Tackle Problem Areas

Tackle Problem Areas
A growing pile of laundry is a common concern
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It is but natural for each home to have its very-own problem areas that demand more attention when it comes to keeping the place clean. If you have a pet at home, you may need to watch out for pet-dander pile up during seasonal shedding. If you have kids, you are bound to be challenged by toys and dirty laundry strewn around the home. Piles of laundry at the end of the week can prove daunting. Start by identifying cleaning tasks that takes up most of your weekend. Address them may be twice a week or daily if possible to ensure that you have more quality time during the weekends, or perhaps daily if things go fine!

growing pile of laundry is a common concern
Don't forget to relax once done with the cleaning
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Eating at the table and leaving footwear outside the main living area are a few other habits that go a long way in minimizing the need for elaborate cleaning. Do keep us posted on the transformations that resulted from these tips, and remember additional help from professional cleaners  is just a click away with the HomeTriangle App!



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