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A regular cleaning routine can help you limit allergens within the home but can proves both time and effort-intensive, unless someone at home can share the task. To get around this you could choose to hire the services of professional cleaners.

A regular cleaning routine can help you limit allergens within your home!

Allergies commonly affect the nasal passage, but can affect the skin as well
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Whether you are suffering from an allergy or taking care of an affected family member, there’s no escape from the physical discomfort, restlessness, lack of patience and short temper. There are medications, treatments and precautions that help combat allergies, but total eradication is a distant possibility. A regular cleaning routine can help you limit allergens within the home but can prove both time and effort-intensive. To get around this you could choose to hire the services of professional cleaners. Here are a few suggestions for a comprehensive cleaning routine.

Dust Regularly

Like it or not, we share our homes with dust-mites!
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A pile of clothing, your bedding, cushions and throws, old books, magazines and newspapers, or just about any object left undisturbed even for a few hours tend to collect dust, and eventually harbor tiny dust-mites.  Getting rid of unnecessary objects and storing essentials in an organized manner can help you limit the dust build up at home. The more the number of household items strewn around the home, the more effort needed to clean them individually.

Remember to dust and make your bed every day
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Even empty spaces can get dusty. Make sure that you regularly dust and wipe all the surfaces at home to prevent dust-allergies. Don't forget to get your mattresses cleaned at regular intervals. Replace old ones at least once in 5-7 years to avoid dust-mite allergy.

Care For Carpets & Upholstery

A clean and inviting living room is a pleasure
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Carpets are prized possessions, but only when you care for them in the right manner. Upholstery too demands extra attention. These also happen to be the two key sources of allergens at home, given their nature and extent of use. Despite your best intentions and effort, cleaning carpets and upholstery by yourself never quite yields the same results, when compared to professional carpet cleaning services and professional upholstery shampooing. 

Steam cleaning kills dust-mites and spruces up upholstery
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Trust your instinct to decide when to seek professional carpet cleaning services, or request steam-cleaning/shampooing of upholstery.  

Same holds good for carpets as well.
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A thorough shampoo wash will work equally well
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Expert care not only ensures a thorough cleaning but also enhances the life of your carpet and furniture.

Clean Foot Mats & Rugs

Special care is needed to remove persistent residues and stains
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Foot mats and rugs are only next to carpets when it comes to collecting dust and germs. Make sure your they are cleaned every day as a part of the daily cleaning routine, and washe them regularly as well. 

Control Mold Formation

Is your shower-head free from mold? 
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Did you know that inhaling Mold spores can trigger allergies?  Mold tends to thrive in dark and damp spaces, especially kitchen and bathrooms. Basements and attic spaces too are ideal targets for Mold. You can control, if not prevent Mold formation by keeping these spaces dry and clean.  Exhaust fans help with ventilation and drying, however regular cleaning of shower heads, drain filters, tiles and tap nozzles tend to prove useful.

Cracked or damp walls also play host to mold. Address water seepage issues, and get all cracks and crevices sealed to mold-proof your walls / flooring. With exclusive bathroom, kitchen cleaning services available, you can hire cleaners to just get your bathroom, or kitchen, or even a single room cleaned at affordable rates.

Vacuum and Steam-clean When Needed

We do realize that it may not be practical to vacuum your home every day. Steam-cleaning may need special equipment and an expert hand to ensure a safe, thorough job.  So, go ahead and hire cleaning services on a need basis.

Make sure the flooring across the home is clean and germ-free
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Despite all precautionary measures, there’s no way you can be permanently rid of allergens. An effective and efficient cleaning routine can help you keep allergens at bay. Use professional vacuuming or steam-cleaning services to compliment your daily cleaning schedule. Hire a professional cleaning service on HomeTriangle today to clean not just your carpets or upholstery but also to clean and disinfect bathroom tiles and flooring, making your home interiors safe and healthy for people prone to allergies.



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