How To - Upgrade Your Boring Bookcase!

Bookcases are so demanding especially with serious and thick books! Adding some style to your bookcases will make for an eye-catching display and will bring a startling upgrade to that boxy grid filled with shelf after shelf of books. Experiment with mirrors, art, collectibles, memorabilia and what not. Just add a little life to that dreary shelf. These are some quirky tips to dress up your bookshelf!

Personalize It

Books speak volumes about your tastes and preferences. Your collection is a peek into your hobbies and other areas of interests. Bookshelves do not have to appear boring when they can actually be a point of visual interest in a room. Don’t be scared to mark your territory with a monogrammed letter of your name, a family photograph or even small collectibles. This is you, your spot, use it as a display!

Monogrammed letter inside the bookcase for personalizing the space
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Hang Art Inside Your Bookcase

If your bookcase only has shelves built in and uses wall for support, think innovative and hang your favorite piece of art inside the bookshelf. The shelves will act as a frame!

Artwork inside a metal framed bookcase gives a unique look with still room for extra storage
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Make it pop

A pop of color somehow never hurts anything! You need to make your book shelves playful and inviting, so how about painting the background and adding a little wow factor? Give your bookcase an unexpected turn of display. Give it a shot we say!

Bright colors in the background make the books stand out in a unique way
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Add sculpture, art, picture frames, and objets de art

Since art is a personal form of expression, it reveals a lot about you. Think of an interesting work of art, or even an interesting framed photograph, that will help in augmenting the visual aesthetics of your bookshelf. How about placing an artwork on easel in front of the bookcase? That pottery from flea market too will fit here perfectly.

Beautiful collectibles have been placed inside the bookcase to make the arrangement appear interesting
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Over-sized Mirror

Create an unexpected focal point by hanging a large mirror in an ornate frame on your book shelf. Mirrors create an illusion of space and also enhance the room’s decor, not to mention the way it attracts the line of sight. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of vanity?

Jeffrey Bilhuber. Bookcases.

Over-sized mirror hung on a bookcase to dress it up
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Add life, add organic

Now this is what we call literally adding life to the bookcase! A natural burst of color, with flowers or small plants, will be a perfect for to display in your bookcase. You can change the flowers each day and create a fresh look just easily. Your bookcase never has to look the same anymore!   

love the tall bookcase, the trailing philodendron, and the recycled glass bottle on the floor, oh and that killer bench and side table

Plants flowing from the bookcase's side add burst of green 

Blend artwork with decor

Another way of incorporating artwork is blending it entirely into the room’s decor and not just the bookcase. This way, your art can reflect the larger area and also work wonders as part of the bookcase.

Black and white artwork complements the rest of the room
Image -

Bookcases do not have to look solemn, these ideas are just to get you started and you can always use your own creativity to make things more interesting around the house, even if it is something as dull as a bookcase! 





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