Homeowner Styles - My Salute to Indian Roots

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The Lamplight highlights the dancer

HomeTriangle.com's "Homeowner Styles" series features contributions from style savvy homeowners who open the doors to their home to welcome the HomeTriangle audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the special spots in their homes and the aesthetic elements that came together to craft one of a kind decor and interiors!

In this feature Neha Agarwal describes the impact of the brass bust of a dancer as a fusion decor highlight in her living room.

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Engraved intricate detail

A dancer bust is placed at one end of the stone wall setting and is one of my favorite brass decor pieces of my brass collection till date. This bust is intricately beautiful, engraved all over and it speaks of an everlasting elegance. 

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The refurbished teak table is an example of Kashmiri wood carving

The brass bust sits pretty on a refurbished round teak-wood table with Kashmiri carvings and the setting provides a contrast to the modern dark wooden wall behind; it’s a fusion of traditional Indian and contemporary sensibilities. Almost a family heirloom, this dark walnut finish table has the same color as the veneer wooden unit. 

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The red poinsettia mat sets off the rich color of the brass bust

The splash of color comes from the red poinsettia place-mat underneath the bust. 

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The lamp gives the entire setting a golden glow when lit

The wooden lamp with a yellow shade complements the metal bust and puts it in focus when lit up. This brass bust is a truly rustic element in a chic setting a salute to  Indian roots in my contemporary home.

 Article and Images contributed by - Neha Agarwal


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