HomeTriangle Guides: Prep Work to do Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive


Regular carpet cleaning is crucial for long-lasting, fresh homes. Professional cleaners handle simple, hands-on tasks, reducing time-consuming tasks outside their scope.

Getting your carpets cleaned every now and then is a great way to make them last longer and also freshen up your home. While it is very comforting to know that someone else will be doing the work for you, these simple and hands-on steps will make the job easier for a professional carpet cleaner. You will get their complete focus on the task at hand rather than other things outside of their scope of work which may also be time consuming. 

These prep tips will ensure the cleanest carpets!

Pre-clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner

When you proactively remove dust and grime from the upper layers of your carpet, the professional cleaner you hire will focus more on the in-depth cleaning of the carpet. Although some professional carpet cleaners include vacuum cleaning as part of their cleaning process.

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Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner before the professionals arrive

Store away all fragile and valuable items

Before you let carpet cleaners begin work remove all fragile and valuable items from the room and store them elsewhere in your home.In doing this you will cut down the risk of items breaking or going missing. While most companies screen their employees before hiring, it is your responsibility to keep your valuables under lock and key.

Move furniture out of the way

If you want your carpet clean from one end to the other ensure that there is nothing that obstructs cleaning machines around the carpet to be cleaned. It is your job to move away furniture and clear the area. In fact, carpet cleaning companies could charge you extra for moving furniture. Do check with the cleaning service at the time of getting a quote about their exact scope of work.

Store away small items and clear the floor

All small items like toys, clothing, floor lamps etc., should be cleared away from the carpet. Also, remember to lift up any low hanging bedspreads and curtains so that they are not soiled or in the way while the carpet is cleaned.

Point out areas of concern like stains and spillage

If you have a difficult to remove stain in your carpet, point it out to the cleaner beforehand. This will ensure that these areas are pre-treated appropriately during the cleaning.

Article Image
Stain on the carpet caused by spillage

Keep your pets in another room

Pets can cause disruption if they are left unattended where the carpet is being cleaned and loud noise from cleaning machines can startle. Keep pets confined in another room for their own safety.

If you are looking for the best cleaning results, a little prep will be highly beneficial in getting you great clean carpets. Proactive prep work will be met by co-operation from the cleaners and the end result will be clean and fresh carpets.



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