HomeTriangle Guides: 4 Easy Home Cleaning Tips

It is very difficult to handle festivities and work from home together. Especially when the guests arrive, cleaning your house after a long break becomes a necessity. Here are some tips on how you can keep your house up-to-date with easy-to-do house cleaning tips-

HomeTriangle Guides: 4 Easy Home Cleaning Tips

Ahoy! Autumn is here and so is our favorite period of festivals. Everyone urges for a clean home for the respected deities to bless us with success and prosperity. With the ongoing pandemic, it is very difficult to handle festivities and work from home together. Especially when the guests arrive, cleaning your house after a long break becomes a necessity. Here are some tips on how you can keep your house up-to-date with easy-to-do house cleaning tips-

cleaning tips

1. Cleaning The Cleaners

It will never be a full cleanup if done with dirty cleaning supplies. Often due to dirty cleaning cloths and sponges, the efforts backfire on you. This way you have to clean your house again and again until you realize what went wrong. So the first step for your house cleaning process should be to have clean cloths and sponges. The best remedy to keep your supplies long-lasting, fresh, and bacteria-free after every use is to dry microwave them, or soak them in a vinegar and water liquid mix, drying them off properly before next use. According to the periodic use of these supplies, you should always try to replace them to prevent bacterial formation. You can also follow tips on how to keep a dust free home.

Cleaning The Cleaners

2. DIY Convenient Cleaning Products

House cleaning agents or house cleaning products such as mirror sprays and cleaning detergents are often very difficult to choose. With the following natural and convenient products, ease your way into cleaning your house easily and efficiently.

  • White Vinegar: Distilled white vinegar has antimicrobial properties which help in disinfecting and cleaning a variety of alkaline surfaces. These are:
  1. Glassware
  2. Countersurfaces
  3. Shower faucets and bathtubs
  4. Toilets
  5. Windows and Mirrors
  6. Stained Coffee and Tea Utensils
  7. Laundry (Stain Removal)
  8. Refrigerators.

Things to keep in mind while using vinegar as a cleaning agent is to avoid using it on stone, iron, and waxed surfaces.

  • Baking Soda: Being an alkali , baking soda helps as a cleaning agent for many objects such as laundry, ovens, stained utensils, grease stains, kitchen marbles and tiles, clogged drains, tarnished silver, carpets, bathroom tiles and faucets, microwaves. They are also used to get rid of garbage odor, shoe odor
DIY Convenient Cleaning Products
  • Borax: Borax or Boric Acid is another agent often used in household cleaning. It is available in form of powder, liquid, and diffusible tablets. It is an effective agent to get oil-free and grease-free surfaces.
  • Essential Cleaning Oils: Essential oils such as lemon extract, eucalyptus extract, tea tree, and many more are also antibacterial which can be used in getting rid of stains and prevent any kind of odor.
  • Castile Soap: A liquid form or bar form of Castile can be easily used for getting rid of dirty stains on utensils, surfaces and couches.
castile soap
  • Coca-Cola: Due to its acidic properties, Coca-Cola or famously known as Coke, can be a good cleaning agent for:
  1. Toilet bowls
  2. Removing stuck chewing gum
  3. Protecting from pests
  4. Cleaning windows and mirrors
  5. Using it as a fertilizer for plants
  6. Removing milk stains from clothes
  7. Rust cleaner
  8. Removing paint stains
  9. Removing grease stains
  10. Removing tile grout, etc.
  • White Bread: Due to its absorbent properties, white bread can be put to use as a fingerprint remover from walls and glasses.
organizing shelfs

3.  Organizing And Reducing Efforts

Home cleaning ideas are secondary, to work effectively and efficiently. When you gather all the supplies and are ready to clean don’t forget to hold all your supplies in a handy basket or a bucket so that you save time and effort of searching them at every point in time. Organizing your procedure of home cleaning plays a major role in saving your endeavor.

Organizing And Reducing Efforts

4. Calculating Your Action

For better time management do not clean your home ‘room by room’, rather do it on a calculated action series based on the agent used. Here are some examples:

  • Diluted Vinegar for windows, mirrors, and refrigerators
  • Cola-cola for toilet bowls, bathroom faucets, and paint removal
  • Baking Soda for tarnished silver and carpets
  • Borax for removing grease from surfaces
  • Castile Soap for cleaning couches and oily stains
  • Diluted vinegar for laundry stains
  • Lemon or  Eucalyptus extract for odor and stains from glassware
  • White Bread for cleaning finger stains from walls and screens.

The Bottom Line

With busy schedules and heavy workloads, deep cleaning and tough stain removal isn’t a very interesting job to do. At times these chores can be very time-consuming and tiresome, plus the cleaning products can be very expensive and difficult to use. Using these tips has an easy and natural process of cleaning your home.

Calculating Your Action

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