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Environmentally friendly cleaning protects from exposure and also protects the environment. Here are a few tips on cleaning your home and carpets.

Thanks to growing environmental consciousness there are now many eco-friendly solutions to help you maintain a clean home and cause minimal harm to natural eco-systems and the environment. Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions protect you from unnecessary exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and simultaneously protect  the earth's environment. 

Here are a few tips for how to clean your home and carpets using environment friendly methods.

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Minimize the use of chemical cleaning agents

Minimize Chemical Cleaners

As a responsible homeowner you will understand the importance of leaving a safe environment for future generations. Try to substitute home cleaning chemical products with household items that act as natural cleaning agents rather than depending upon harsh chemicals. In case of carpets, opting for steam cleaning methods can effectively eliminate the bacteria and dust mites from your carpet without causing pollution.

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Wet shampooing carpets and upholstered furniture creates effluents that drain into waterbodies

Avoid Using Wet Shampooing Techniques

Often shampoos used by professional cleaning companies contain volatile perfume components that cause fragrances to linger in the air, long after the cleaning process is complete. This can lead to indoor air pollution, not to mention chemicals that are washed away to contaminate water bodies through the drainage system. Consider cleaning using hot extraction or other methods that do not cause any form of effluence inside or outside your home.

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There are many eco-friendly, green cleaning options available today

Choose Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners

Professional cleaning companies today offer organic or green cleaning methods to sanitize carpets and clean your home in an environment friendly way. Opting for 'green' cleaning prevents the release of any harmful toxins into the air, water or soil. Green living is not just a fad but a promise made to your surroundings to treat your environment with respect.  Choosing 'green' or chemical-free options can also prevent many respiratory problems and allergies.

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A carpet being steam cleaned

Steam Sanitize Carpets

Sanitizing carpets with steam cleaners not only removes odors but also helps clear debris. Using natural air fresheners made of citrus or other naturally fragrant plant materials can make your home and carpets smell naturally good.

Environment friendly cleaning has become a sought after option to keep homes naturally fresh and clean. To do your bit, when having your home or carpets professionally cleaned, make sure the service provider conforms to standards set by environmental agencies and uses the least polluting methods possible.




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