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Makar Sankranti is only a day away and is the first celebration of the calendar year and is an energizing time. It is the arrival of the Vasant Ritu or Spring.

Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan/Pongal is only a day away and is the first celebration of the calendar year and is an energizing time. It is the arrival of the Vasant Ritu or Spring. Makar Sankranti likewise starts the zodiac sign cycle with the Makar indication of Capricon.

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A day of flying kites, desserts, and having a decent time with your friends and family. In any case, living in a metro city like Mumbai or Delhi, or Bangalore with congested spots it is hard to enjoy and have a decent time. We list 6 approaches to having a decent time with family and companions regardless of the possibility that you're living in a city and working.

1. Making Kites.

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Can't fly kites? Not an issue, make your own kite. Keep the child in you alive. Take a shaded sheet, connect paper strings, and stick vivid and crazy beautifying pieces on it to make it look appealing. Take pictures of it and surge your online networking and photograph collections with it. You can likewise utilize these for brightening your room or home and store them as gathering beautifications to be utilized later.
2. Re-live Childhood
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It's about reliving your adolescence. Take some time out and enjoy games you most likely played as a youngster like hopscotch and marbles. You can get together with kids in your building, family, companions, cousins, and neighbors and have an awesome time. On the other hand, in case you're stuck in the office, approach your supervisor for consent and enjoy a short reprieve in the meeting room, talking about the youth, distinctive customs, and methods for celebrating.

3. New Recipes

Experiment with some new recipes. You can invoke your own particular arrangement of recipes and treat your family and companions to a luscious meal. It will be flawless. Try experimenting and adding your own modern twist to desi recipes. Like, how about making traditional chikkis with brown sugar?

4. Bonfire

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What are winters for! Socialize over some warm and cozy bonfire parties with your family, friends, and neighbors with some good food, hot drinks, and a joyous time. You can indulge in some serious fun banter, jokes, songs, and dances, and with Lohri around too, it is the best time. A good way to get to know your neighbors too!

5. Weekend Holidays

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Since Makar Sankranti falls on a Saturday you can take the weekend off and make a short trip to any nearby place and just relax over the weekend. This will give you a well-deserved break and keep you happy for the week to come. Or just go for a nice lunch as most restaurants have Sankranti special thalis.



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