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It’s Christmas day and all over the world Christmas celebrations are brewing. But if you happen to live in one of these 10 best places to celebrate Christmas..

It’s Christmas day and all over the world Christmas celebrations are brewing. But if you happen to live in one of these 10 best places to celebrate Christmas, then you are probably enjoying the holiday a little bit more then the rest of us. Nevertheless, Merry Christmas, and may this day be filled with many well wishes for you and your family.

10. Manhattan, New York, USA

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This city is one of the best places to be amid the Christmas season. While New York is the focal point of fashion on the planet, it is additionally a standout amongst the most gone to places in December with visitors rushing to the Rockefeller Center to watch the lighting of the mammoth Christmas tree and getting a charge out of Central Park. Establishments have snowflakes and enormous embellishments and Christmas shows individuals will appreciate while shopping.

9. Napapiiri, Lapland, Finland

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Viewed as the Christmas capital of Europe, this is the place the Christmas Village and Santa Park can be found. These are two unique and mainstream goals where sightseers get the opportunity to experience genuine reindeers and visit Santa's workshops.

8. Rome, Italy

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Christmas Day in Rome is celebrated with a Mass, especially in the Vatican. Midnight Mass is commended at Rome's Pantheon where there is a solemn observed Mass. Beside setting off to the Vatican, there are likewise Christmas markets to visit.

7. Cologne, Germany

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While Christmas markets are regular in numerous towns in Germany, there are eight Christmas markets situated at the both sides of the Rhine. Houses, structures and the town focus are adorned with dazzling and beautiful enrichments.

6. Queenstown, New Zealand

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In this part of New Zealand, Christmas is spent by the lake as people go there to enjoy jetboat rides, surfing and go on camping along Lake Wakatipu. Spend Christmas by the beach and feast of a hearty Christmas dinner of seafood and meat.

5. Barcelona, Spain

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They have an alternate approach to observe Christmas Day in this some portion of Spain by method for a swimming competition in Copa Nadal where members will swim for 200 meters. This is likewise where they praise the Three King's Day in which the three rulers touch base in their own ship, the Santa Eulalia. There will be firecrackers and ordinances let go.

4. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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For people who consider Christmas as a day of festivities and solemn celebration, this is where you might want to be. Festivities abound during the season where some people dress up as Mary and Joseph and walk the streets. Pinatas and mulled fruit drinks await participants of the peregrinations around this designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

3. Salzburg, Austria

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This is for people who want to see the birthplace of Mozart and are also fans of The Sound of Music because this was where the movie was filmed. This place boasts of Baroque architecture and Christmas markets.

2. Valkenburg, Netherlands
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Another different way to spend Christmas is traveling to Valkenburg, a small town where the Christmas market is set up in the Velvet Cave so locals and tourists can buy goodies, gifts and crafts.

1. Phuket, Thailand

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This exotic paradise is one of the best destinations for people who want to spend a warm Christmas season while enjoying great food, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. This has been the favorite destination of Europeans looking to get away from the cold winter. Aside from water activities, visitors can also enjoy shopping and dining as well learning about a different culture.



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